My name is Igor Amelkovich. I`m nudity and rapher from Russia. My work is based on traditional film technology, with a medium format. 88 Followers, 17 Following, 0 Posts – See Instagram photos and videos from Igor Amelkovich (@amelkovich_photography). Buy Igor Amelkovich erotic fine art photographic prints. Igor Amelkovich. Exclusive collectable prints by leading fine art nude and erotic photographer Igor .

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Igor Amelkovich on Behance

Distribution Downloads Spex Catalog Abegg. Subscribe Yes, add me to your mailing lists. Fascination with human body was a focal point of photographers since the ibor of the medium. Distribution Downloads Spex Catalog Seafaring conquests – routes of discovery. One step in eternity. Fitness Queen 5 Grandmother’s sofa. The protective field is activated! You must be an authorized dealer to download this copyrighted material, which is for book advertising purposes only.

To want to fly Puppet show 20 Second Ridge rock. Distribution Downloads Spex Catalog Panamericana. Although, such an objectification of female body can be a matter of debate, it is definite that these omnipresent portrayals of female nudity by Igor Amelkovich are sophisticated and solid contribution to peculiar genre of erotic photography.


Fitness Queen 10

Your Basket Is Empty When you add items to your basket, this summary will show you what’s in your basket. Art ExhibitionsPhotography Balasz Takac. Log in or Sign up. She places her hands palms down between her legs and lifts herself up with her legs, completely taut, stretching straight out pointing upward, towards the corners of the frame to create a geometric aesthetic to this compelling wall art print.

Exciting glamour 27 Forfos mountain. Legs 05 She is eight. Variations on the theme of body explorations are multiple, and so are the approaches.

All image featured on the Obsession Art gallery website are copyrighted to respective owners. Body Vaccination 2 Tuluk village.

I agree to the Privacy Policy. Exploiting his voyeurism to the maximum, the author remains consistent to his own vision of erotica. Unexpected desires 14 Nurali ridge. Reincarnation at metal works 3 Stinging scorpion. One day in paradise 8. Demonstration of a body 3 Emotions The wild horsy. Found on the river. While positioning bodies in natural environment, making them pose in dreamy and sensual manner, Amelkovich is producing compositions suggesting potential godliness of shown woman.


European National Parks 2. Emphasizing the fact that we have arrived naked into this world, Amelkovich was trying to reveal cultural codes and perception of nakedness, articulating the importance of body language which is almost forgotten in contemporary society.

Elena in an interior 7.

Spectacular Central America Bahamas. Unexperienced 9 Kumardak ridge. The strange dancer Episode in a deep forest 3 Sunrise in January day Girls face to wall. Greasing girl 5 Near Ural River. Fitness queen 6 Female diamond. Spectacular Europe north Denmark. Grandmothers sofa 17 Forgotten worker Forgotten worker amflkovich Forgotten worker 3 Forgotten worker 4 Launching tower.

Art ExhibitionsPhotography Elena Martinique.