Intel may make changes to specifications and The following conventions are used in this manual: Intel may make changes to specifications and product descriptions at any time, without drivers, go to: . Intel may make changes to specifications and product descriptions at any time, without See .

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Table of contents Revision History Table Of Contents Desktop Board Features Dmd Board Components Dmv Board Components Firmware Hub fwh Pci Enhanced Ide Interface Communication And Networking Riser cnr optional Pci Auto Configuration Ide Auto Configuration Lan Subsystem optional Lan Subsystem Software Rj Lan Connector Leds Power Management Features Instantly Available Technology Location Of Standby Power Indicator Resume On Ring Standby Current Requirements Before You Begin Dmd Board Mounting Motherboadr Holes Dmv Board Mounting Screw Holes Installing And Removing A Processor Installing A Processor Installing The Processor Fan Heatsink Connecting The Processor Fan Cable Removing A Processor Installing And Removing Memory Rdram And Crimm Installation Installing A Memory Module Installing An Agp Card Removing The Intrl Card Connecting The Ide Cable Setting The Bios Configuration Jumper Replacing The Battery Removing The Battery Obtaining The Bios Update File Updating The Bios Recovering The Bios Using The Setup Program Bios Setup Program Menu Bar Bios Setup Program Function Keys Extended Configuration Submenu Pci Configuration Submenu manal Boot Configuration Submenu Peripheral Configuration Submenu Ide Configuration Submenu Diskette Configuration Submenu Event Log Configuration Submenu mltherboard Video Mothreboard Submenu Boot Device Priority Technical Reference Board Connectors Back Panel Connectors Power And Hardware Connectors Front Panel Connectors Desktop Board Resources System Memory Map A Error Messages And Indicators Bios Beep Codes Bios Error Messages B Regulatory Compliance Product Certification Markings Ensure Electromagnetic Compatibility emc Compliance Chassis And Component Certifications Jntel Power Supply Overload Place Battery Marking Use Only For Intended Applications Don’t have an account?