A Clinical Evaluation of Materials for Interocclusal Registration in Centric Relation The following conditions for the record of posterior section were tested . The initial resistance of interocclusal recording materials to closure changed from N to N, and a rapid rise in the working time was seen in all elastomers. Statement of Problem: Interocclusal recording materials should have good dimensional stability for precise articulation. Purpose:The aim of this in vitro study.

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A method of recording the interocclusal relationship of the teeth. Thus, intermaxillary recording plays an extremely important role in final results.

Comparison of five interocclusal recording materials.

Mean percentage changes between different types of interocclussal recording materials at various time recordiing Click here to view. Keyf F, Altunsoy S. Condensation silicone is extensively used for interocclusal records Accepted September 21, Advanced Search Users Online: Square root transformation was done to allow the use of parametric statistical tests.

Principles for selecting interocclusal records for articulation of dentate and partially dentate rexording. A clinical evaluation of materials used in registering interjaw relationships. However, statistically significant differences were not observed among the other materials. The success of any prosthetic rehabilitating treatment msterials on several aspects related to the precise mounting of casts in the articulator. Rolls of 7 wax of uniform thickness were placed on the alveolar margin crest to create space for the alginate under the plate.

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Using a bite registration to articulate digital models should be considered the first step in the articulation process, with a likely residual need to manipulate the models manually. Interocclusal recording materials should have good dimensional stability for precise articulation. Data were analyzed statistically recordong analysis of variance and Tukey’s test for individual comparisons.


Interocclusal recording materials

Int J Prosthodont ; In this study, however, silicone presented the highest mean value of vertical separation between casts, although it did not differ significantly from the combinations of materials under study except for acrylic resin base plus wax.

J Oral Rehabil ; Retentive areas of the lower casts were relieved for preparation of five self-polymerized acrylic resin bases. Furthermore, the lack of teeth that articulate with their antagonists poses an additional difficulty to recording and increases the need for accurate transfer of the interocclusal relationship and vertical dimension 8.

Revised American Dental Association Specification no. Cylinders of 7 wax were softened with a heated spatula and set in place during the clinical procedures. This article has been cited by. Five patients with complete upper dentition and bilateral lower edentulousness were enrolled as volunteers for this study. Evaluation of vertical accuracy of interocclusal records.

Int J Prosthodont ;3: Differential accuracy of elastomeric recording materials and associated weight change. Oral rehabilitation involves a sequence of steps that must be followed in a highly judicious manner. Motion View Software was used to articulate the digital models by matching points from the models to the digitized interocclusal records. An Materilas Vitro Study G.

Compressive strength of interocclusal recording materials. A plastic typodont was modified with reference points for interarch measurements and articulated in maximum intercuspal position on a semiadjustable hinge articulator. In cases of edentulous areas, the ZOE paste in combination with the register base tends to dislocate the underlying mucosa, resulting in materoals mounting with a slight matrrials opening How to cite this URL: J Indian Prosthodont Soc ;7: Braz Dent J ; In conclusion, the combination of acrylic resin base and wax for interocclusal record yielded the least differences in comparison to the measurements obtained by manual articulation of the casts, i.

Occlusal registrations using alginate irreversible hydrocolloid impression material. In this study, the horizontal and vertical stability of the casts allowed their manual articulation in maximum intercuspation 1,3,4,6providing measurements that represented the standards for comparison to the different types of records evaluated. Five cast pairs upper and lower arches were obtained for each patient, in such a way that each tested combination of materials would be represented by a pair of casts with their own standard measurements for evaluation.


Determination of the intreocclusal of laminated wax interocclusal wafers. recorcing

An interocclusal record made of a combination of wax and acrylic resin. The cannulas’ entrances allowed adaptation of the tips of a handheld digital caliper Mitutoyo Digimatic Caliper, model ; Mitutoyo Corp, Tokyo, Japan used to measure the vertical distance between the predetermined upper and lower perforations Fig. Perforations were made in the resin with a 5 spherical bur to retain the material Fig.

These results are consistent with those reported by other authors, who stated that elastomers may suffer distortion at the time of cast joining, due to the compressive force generally exercised to maintain the casts in position 5,11, The materials were evaluated by measuring the vertical distance between pairs of reference points located on the bases of the upper and lower articulated casts.

One method of articulating digital models is to use a digitized interocclusal record. The patients were instructed to occlude their teeth normally in maximum intercuspation. The purpose reecording this study was to evaluate 5 combinations of materials used in daily clinical inrerocclusal to obtain intermaxillary records for bilateral free end cases.

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An experimental study on particular physical properties of several interocclusal recording media. Dental Materials, Properties and Manipulation.