Diagnostic de l’intoxication digitalique et son traitement. Ferrero C. Author affiliations. Clinique universitaire de Médecine Interne, Hôpital Cantonal, Genève . Request PDF on ResearchGate | Intoxication digitalique en période néonatale: rôle de la déshydratation | Background Despite the great progress which has. Request PDF on ResearchGate | Intoxication digitalique massive. Traitement par hémoperfusion sur résine Amberlite XAD 4 | Haemoperfusion over amberlite.

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Post-countershock arrhythmias in untreated and digitalized dogs. The margin between the therapeutic dose and the toxic one is very narrow, which requires the need for a regular monitoring especially a clinical one, particularly in case of elderly, renal failure and the intoxicatin of drugs associations Table 2.

Their presence, in the case of a chronic digitalis treatment can cause an overdose.

John Libbey Eurotext – Médecine thérapeutique – Intoxication aiguë par la digoxine

Arhythmia; Digoxin; Digitalis; Intoxication; Immunotherapy Introduction The digitalis glycosides are known for long to the medical world. The use of digoxin-specific Fab fragments for severe digitalis intoxication in patients. The digitalis glycosides constitute a homogeneous group of cardiotonics glycosides with different pharmacokinetic properties, digoxin is the digitalis currently used. The treatment is based on the patient risk level. Which decreases the sodic transmembrane gradient responsible for digitzlique out calcium by the antiporter, while calcium continues to enter to the cell in each depolarization.

Treatment intoxicatio to low- risk situations will include temporary suspension of the therapy, ECG, follow-up and electrolytic supplements if necessary. The ourcome was favorable four hours after administration of the first dose of anti-digoxin antibodies, with a complete reversal of clinical and digita,ique signs. The latter have a pejorative prognostic value.

Effect of ouabain and its interaction with diphenylhydantoin on cardiac arrhythmias induced by hypothalamic stimulation.


Allergic histories and reactions of patients treated with digoxin immune Fab ovine antibody. Abstract Recent reports of treatment of massive digoxin overdosage have emphasized the success of medical therapy. Support Center Support Center. Review of the literature.

Digestive disorders Vomiting is the result of an excitatory action of digitalis glycosides on the postrema area. A prospective clinical study with serum level correlations. Correlation of serum magnesium levels and cardiac digitalis intoxication. The originality of this case has to do with the severity of the initial clinical picture, its total reversal with antibodies and the salting-out phenomena that followed.

N Engl J Med We also recall, that there is a large inter-individual variability in the response to the effect of digoxin. Contact Help Who are we? Despite our great familiarity with this molecule, its use requires a special attention since it has a narrow therapeutic index [1].

If you are a subscriber, please sign in ‘My Intpxication at the top right of the screen. Drug interaction Mechanism and consequence of interaction All hypokalemic drugs diuretics, laxatives, corticosteroids, amphotericin B Increased toxicity of digitalis Calcium by injection Increased toxicity of digitalis Phenobarbital phenytoin Decreased plasma concentrations Table 2: Electrolyte and antiarrhythmic drug interaction.

The subcellular kntoxication for the mechanism of inotropic action of cardiac glycosides. The onset of first-degree atrioventicular block 48 hours afterward made us consider the possibility of the tissular salting-out effect of the digoxin and led us to administer a second dose of specific antibodies.

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Is pacing still appropriate? The case reminds us, along with the data in the literature, the criteria of wrong prognoses in massive digitalis intoxication in the child and the indications for anti-digoxin antibodies.


Recent studies set this margin to 0. Thus, the digoxinemia may only be interpreted adequately few days after its administration. Assessment of the synergistic relationship between serum calcium and digitalis. Atropine administration must be taken into account in case of sinus bradycardia or atrioventricular block AV of the second and third degree to correct the effects of vagal stimulation.

Intoxication Digitalique

Drug Interactions of Digitalis. J Toxicol Clin Toxicol 2: All type of conduction disturbances may occur, requiring an urgent treatment Figure 3. J Pharmacol Exp Ther. Despite being very familiar with digitalis, its use always asks for particular attention. The last two are responsible for this intoxication. Am J Emerg Med 9: Review of the literature G.

Figure 3 Sino-atrial block 3rd-degree with junctional exhaust at 40cpm, flattening of the T-waves and digital cup of the ST segment. N Engl J Med 6: Cardioversion and digitalis drugs: Acute pediatric digoxin ingestion. These electrical changes happen to the T wave and the ST segment with a flattening of the T wave, which becomes negative but remains asymmetric, lowering of the J-point and a sub-offset of the ST segment characterized by a cupule to the upper concavity called “cupule digitalis” Figure 3.

Massive digoxin ingestion. Report of a case and review of currently available therapies.

Recognition and management of digitalis toxicity. Cardiac manifestations Responsible for all the prognosis of digitalis intoxication, whatever it might be acute or chronic. Electrophysiological action At therapeutic concentrations, the digitalis glycosides decrease automaticity and slow atrioventricular conduction. Current concepts and treatment of digitalis toxicity. J Lab Clin Med.