A tutorial on using subreports in Jaspersoft’s iReport Designer; example runs several queries each mapping to a different subreport. Feeds · Video. This site. A subreport is a report within a report; thus, providing a way to generate a report that includes data on the target IMSMA item as well as data on other IMSMA. There are a few steps to adding a subreport to iReport. I will do my best to step by step explain. STEPS: 1) Make blank report with the values that will be used as.

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Optionally, you can put your Jasper file in the classpath and refer to it as a resource, using an expression something like “subreport.

To filter the email addresses, we will use a parameter. It is used only when the subreport template subrepkrt a database connection during report filling phase. Connection to the subreport. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. At design time the element is rendered as a rectangle with the dimensions specified in the subreport.

jasper reports – How to add subreport using ireports? – Stack Overflow

Therefore, the parameter technique is not suitable when every record of the master report has its own subreport unless there is only one record in the master report. Accidents, land, activities, educations, assistances, QMs, and victims may be related to one another via links. This feature allows incorporating a report within another report, that is, one report can be a subreport of another. Add the subreport to the parent report — Insert a subreport element and specify the following:.

Retrieved from ” http: When we discuss data sources this will be more clear and you will see how this problem is easily solved with custom data sources. Repeat the same steps to create the second subreport to display the phone numbers.


This caching functionality is available only for subreport elements that have expressions returning java. Map object at run time. Contents 1 Creating Subreports 1.

It is a very simple report based on the query:. I am new to jasper reports design. Integer and set a default value, i. Expression — Retrieves the Jasper object that implements the subreport.

The margins of a subreport are usually set subgeport zero for subreports because a subreport is meant to be a portion of a page, not an entire document. The subreport expression specifies the location of the Jasper file used to generate the subreport.

It is recommended to add a fairly generic parameter name such as ItemGUID so that the subreport can be more easily re-used. That’s why we need to create such kind of report.


This is a Boolean, when set to truethe reporting engine will try to recognize previously loaded subreport template objects, using their specified source. In most cases, the report will fail silently.

The location guid field in the subreport item table contains ire;ort guid of the location to which the item record is associated. Subreport Elements You add a subreport to a report by dragging the Subreport element from the palette. StringJasperReports assumes that the subreport must be loaded from a Jasper file and tries to locate the file in the same way that resources are located, as follows: Try to add a parameter of type “DATE in your case”.

It has an attribute namewhich is mandatory.

If you make an error typing the name or the inserted parameter has not been defined, no error is thrown. If the file does not exist, the string is interpreted as a resource located in the classpath.


Create SubReports

A parameter must have the same name in the master report and the subreport. Subreports are like normal report templates. When a report is invoked from a program using one of the fillReport methods, for instancea parameters map is passed to set a value for its parameters.

Hi i worked on ireporf do one thing on the toolbar there is subreport icon,when u click on that it will ask u to which report u want to create the subreport so u can give the report name to which report u want to make it as a subreport based on that particular date parameter Now, all our files are ready, let’s compile and execute them using our regular ANT build process. Now, let’s write a new class CreateReport to compile and execute our report template.

Understanding Subreports | Jaspersoft Community

For JasperReports to retrieve data and fill the subreport, you have to set the subreport data source. Ireporh must irepprt clear that if we pass a JDBC connection to the subreport, it is because we defined an SQL query in the subreport, a query that will be used to fill it. Subreports can be filled with any kind of data source, including XML, a collection of java beans, an empty data source and so on.

Name — Name of the parameter. When the report will be executed, the email addresses will be filtered based on the ID of the current report which is the ID of the person we are processing.