Since his death Ivan Galamian has passed into legend as perhaps the greatest teacher the string world will ever know. Barbara L. Sand asked some of his. Ivan Galamian was one of the most influential violin teachers of the 20th century. Using his technique, the violinist should place the bow hand on the frog in a. [2] Ivan Galamian also includes exercises in his book, Principles of Violin Playing and Teaching. [3] Mastering the technique of playing long, sustained notes.

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Mental concentration during the training During the training a complete and constant concentration is necessary — thoughts must not stray otherwise training is waste of time — because the ear will be insensitive then — and training is without sense when every pupil’s person gets the same fix plan for a certain quantity of lessons.

But the situation in the music schools is another one. He died at the age of 78 in in New York City. Galamian’s method is the most practicable, but not the only right or possible one. Ricochet is easier on a down bow than on an up bow. In a big hall the differentiation between loud and soft has to be much more extreme than in a little hall, and the soft sounds should not be too soft. One can touch the violin with the scroll on the wall [with a towel as protection], or one can sit on a chair and put the scroll on the table, so the left arm is completely relaxed and can concentrate absolutely to the vibrato movement.

Introduction of Galamian The today’s methods ivann playing violin tecnnique got three essential bad points: Therefore the best music interpretation has to make the impression of being improvised. But when the children are already realizing the whole content of the world and when they are realizing that making music will never change the decisive powers in this capitalist world, so any trial for musical motivation has got no sense. The fingers are like blinds finding their place, and the ear is the control.

The fingers have to give in passively. Special problems of bowings 7. When the situation does not change after about two years so it is better for the own career to change the school where will be a higher rating from beginning on because of ovan primary “experience” of work.


When a music peace is worked out a second time, old fingerings can be changed without problem because music never should be stiff and traditional.

Playing the G string no pressure from the side is desirable. Also the contrary is possible contracting the hand. Starting at the frog, in one long bow, pulse 60, play half note, two quarters, four eights and eight sixteenths, Then up bow on the same pitch, keeping the bow on the string and articulating the sixteenth notes at the frog much the same way you did tefhnique at the point.

Finally all these elements of bowing have to form a harmonic unity: The hand is giving the scale of an octave [or in an over extension up to a tenth].

In any case the blocking of energy by the Steiner school can be that strong with the pupil’s person that the Steiner pupils techhique more or less always depressive in the lesson with the instrumental teacher, because so many problems are charging the pupils so they hardly want to play any music instrument yet.

The bow must be placed at its frog to start, and when a count of ten is reached, the bow should be at its tip.

Ivan Galamian

Then the hand vibrato will function better automatically. In today’s Sam Ash forum. In Galamian moved permanently to the United States. Viotti bowing with a short up-bow: Falling down with the bow gives more energy and is facilitating the attacking of 3 chords at the same time.

This character of tone is dense and concentrated. Training Ricochet — one can begin little bit over the half of the bow: Vice versa broken chords The problem is not to interrupt the regular flew of voices.

They never will get their own musical feet, but they will be “skilled craftsmen”. The child should act according to it’s feelings and should get to know it’s strong sides by itself and should develop these strong sides by itself and should not be threatened always or humiliated always by comparisons with other children.

Does American Musical Supply offer discounts to military families and veterans?


I will not tolerate this and will endeavor to ‘root’ out such behavior wherever I find it and expose it for the corrupt behavior that it is. Movements of the lower arm — exercise of the horizontal movement of the lower arm: Galamian technique blended the Russian and French schools of violin bow holds and allowed for a flexible bow hand and ease of playing.


The greatest resonance for a singing sound comes when the bow always is a little bit in a sharp angle with the bridge, with the tip of the bow in direction to the finger board, and with the frog in direction to the playing person. Until the third position the forefinger on the finger board is an orientation, in the higher positions there will be the free position.

Ivan Galamian: Basics and methods of violin playing

Ask students to play one down-bow and one up-bow each lasting eight beats, trying to make the string vibrate widely. Blame as a rating is good, but a blame in state of excitation must never happen.

For instance, the left arm that holds the violin should make a triangle with the instrument. When playing down-bow, the wrist gradually turns downward. Technical training details 9. Continue on up the scale, and back down again. Playing the violin the line between the back of the hand and the lower arm should be more or less straight. One tone scales — first the training goes with a fixed fingering — then the scale training is going with different fingerings — and at the end the scales can also begin from other tones than the basic tone, eventually one can even change the chromatic signs.

A teacher’s person never must humiliate the pupil’s person. Soon thereafter he moved to Paris and studied under Lucien Capet in and Fanatization of children for music is a manipulation which can hinder many later developments of the child because other topics of life are eliminated.

Ivan Galamian – Wikipedia

It’s an advantage when the bow is hanging from the arm and from the wrist before the attack on the string is executed. It’s child abuse and slavery.

This facilitates the orientation of the hand during playing. Large and slow Spiccato “singing Spiccato” is executed more in the lower half of the bow LHfaster and short Spiccato is more executed in the middle of the bow. Peters Edition Limited, During playing in the first position the left hand should not be hold in the position of the half position.