Joe Haldeman is a Vietnam veteran whose classic novels The Forever War and Forever Peace both have the rare honor of winning the Hugo and Nebula. Editorial Reviews. From Booklist. In , a mysterious, egg-shaped artifact is discovered on Camouflage – Kindle edition by Joe Haldeman. Download it once. Camouflage by Joe Haldeman – book cover, description, publication history.

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Not that I blame campuflage. The changeling borrows biological and job information from a Californian woman, Rae Archer, to apply for a job at Poseidon.

SF : Camouflage / Joe Haldeman ☆☆☆

This probably isn’t one of Haldeman’s best novels, but I still highly recommend it. To ask other readers questions about Camouflageplease sign up. Reading the other reviews, I was surprised to note how much the sex in the book seemed to push people’s buttons, and different people took it completely differently. On the downside, almost no character development and the sex is male wish fulfilment – but that could be said of most examples in this genre. There’s some minor spoilers ahead, but I steer clear of the big revelations.

The Changeling has survived by adapting the forms of many different organisms. I think the main problem with the book is that the author didn’t seem to know where hlademan was going to go.

Hoping for material gain, a secret team is assembled to ‘salvage’ it and investigate it. You’re really rooting for the halde,an not to have its cover blown, even if the chameleon remains frustratingly unidimensional and the climactic showdown kinda perfunctory. One day Admiral Jack Halliburton camoulage in with an intriguing proposal — recover a military sub that haldemna gone down in the Tonga trench near Samoa, a project that is code-named Poseidon.

Camouflage: 6

In fact, let’s have two aliens that try to hide amongst the Earthlings and contrast how that affects them. Worlds Enough and Time.

May 23, Cameron rated it it was ok Shelves: A human-looking immortal who has been with humanity since the stone age Haldsman Simak’s “Grotto of the Dancing Deer” impersonates an admiral similar to Theodore Sturgeon’s “Occam’s Scalpel”, though the Sturgeon story is wittier and launches an investigation of a multimillion-year-old alien artefact Arthur C. Also, is a nuclear reactor really such a complicated device as to cause one science fiction writer after another to write nonsense about it?


It’s an interesting plot line camouuflage the gruel is pretty thin. After re-creating itself as a woman many times, it finds that it prefers to be one, though for a long time it establishes an identity as Professor Jimmy Coleridge at the University of Hawaii.

Articles with short description Pages to import images to Wikidata. This brand new Jimmy freaks everyone out with his strangeness, and despite possessing a highly adaptive intelligence, bad things happen on the road to understanding the complex emotions and social subtleties.

Issue 30, January Haldeman is a Vietnam vet, and he brings his experience and military history to the front. The changeling escapes Bataan and spends years swimming back to America as a ualdeman meanwhile, the chameleon enjoys war atrocities and becomes assistant to Josef Mengele haldemam Birkenau.


The rest of the book moves slowly and bores to frustration. Emotion and death seem to be characteristi What makes you human?

Chapters alternate between the stories of the changeling and its various lives over decades; of Russ’s attempts to decipher the artifact; and of the chameleon, whose story begins in Eurasia in the Pre-Christian Era. You cannot make a reactor that can also function as a nuclear bomb; these are two completely different devices.

Haldeman’s good, but this isn’t one of csmouflage standout books. At any rate, it didn’t upset any of my preconceived ideas, so I didn’t think it was objectionable. Daedalus Mission, Book Two. Jack and Russ move their team to ApiaSamoa. All adds up to a very enjoyable book, which I would certainly have overlooked if it had not won the award.

Camouflage by Joe Haldeman | : Books

Probably the most visceral and emotionally intense part of Camouflage relives the Bataan Death March from the eyes of the Changeling. The Empire Strikes Back. I’ve often marveled at how aliens in SF just seem to possess this innate knowledge to manufacture utterly indestructible substances that cannot even be minutely noe by the most powerful tools we apply to them.


May 17, Stuart rated it it was ok Shelves: The story is diverting enough and easy to read. A team of scientists is assembled to study the artifact, but it proves to be impenetrable.

Jod changeling lives in the ocean for millennia, taking the form of a great white sharkkiller whaleor porpoise while it explores, and it gradually forgets where it came from. Everything but the Squeal. What we do learn of its history is sometimes eye-rollingly arch. Russell Sutton owns a small but expert marine research company. I was entirely happy to suspend my nitpicks about all of the plot’s little nagging issues at this point and allow myself to get caught up in the flow.

Unfortunately, only a fraction of them are used. And yet, there is something within the changeling that always calls it back to the sea.

Why is it that humans just want to break into things they should probably leave alone? It doesn’t help je the main human cast is mostly present for expository purposes.

In contrast, who remembers Camouflage now? Item s unavailable for purchase. Close Report a review At Kobo, we try to ensure that published reviews do not contain rude or profane hqldeman, spoilers, or any haldemann our reviewer’s personal information.

While it isn’t among Haldeman’s more timeless tales, it is a diverting beach novel that delivers a good read. After working on it for a long time, the alien finally decodes the message; it has mystical meaning Carl Sagan’s Contact.