DISINFORMATION FRAUD AND SMEAR CAMPAIGN INVESTIGATION OF JOHAN OLDENKAMP – PATEO ‘WHOLLY SCIENCE’. Johan H. Oldenkamp PhD is probably the most all-round scientist of this age. He has successfully reunified all pure sciences, all correct philosophies and all true. Wholly science: understanding the process of creation. Paperback. Wakkere wetenschap: de illusie van materie voorbij. Paperback. Books by Johan Oldenkamp.

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On both the detail page on the website of the archive as well on Open Archives, the report will be sent to Regionaal archief Zutphen. What is Wholly Science? To avoid spam messages are checked first. Inall-round researcher Johan Oldenkamp discovered the rhythm in the series of prime numbers. Pateo TV on The Orion Orientation August 21, The ancient builders of the Giza pyramids honored their god Osiris by creating his image on the surface of our home planet.

Forgiving Ourselves for Abortion. Genealogie Online publiceer en doorzoek stambomen Stamboom Forum sociaal netwerk van genealogen. The QEG prototype is scaled to produce electrical power in the range of 10 to 15 kilowatts continuously, and can be wired to provide either Volt or Volt single phase output.

Describe which information about the record is wrong and what you think is the right olrenkamp. This interview serves a good introduction to the scientific discipline of BioGeometry, developed by Dr.

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In order to do so, he starts by showing the original Greek keywords of this writing, which appears three time oldfnkamp the thirteen Nag Hammadi Codices, every time as the first text of a codex. Search within Genealogie Online. Report error in data. On top of that, you also visit a mysterious island in the Atlantic Ocean that nowadays no longer exists.


Johan Oldenkamp

The Last Machine in the Solar System. Its main subject is BioGeometrywhich is the scientific discipline that studies the interactions between biological life energies and geometrical features. Are You Ready For It? The unified field theory which puts all this into perspective, complete with the mathematical physics and a morphology of atomic structure, is defined in this work, establishing the embryonic basis for a new branch of physics and chemistry.

Wholly science understanding the process of creation by Johan Oldenkamp. It reveals that he has broken the code on how the process works, meaning how nature manifests from the virtual particle soup of the Aether into matter.

If it is a valid message, it will be shown to everyone so pay attention to sensitive information.

Thanks in advance for your report! By mastering creation, humanity will rise up to the level of God. Continue shopping Checkout Continue shopping.

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More and more people become aware that the news of the mainstream media is nothing but propaganda filled with biased reporting, and in more and more cases even with outright lies. In the correct orientation of Osiris, the stars Saiph oldenakmp Rigel are perfectly horizontal. Afterwards, he was interviewed by Oldenkam; TV with respect to the contents of this very well received lecture: Zecharia Sitchin’s Earth Chronicles: Understanding the Bible, the Koran, and the Bhagavad-Gita.

The whole of living science with grounded spirituality beating in its heart is called Wholly Science.


His revealing work on Shape Power fits beautifully within the overall scientific and spiritual paradigm of Wholly Sciencefounded by host Johan Oldenkamp. But the real Battle of the Currents came later, and was between the closed-path systems promoted by J. You’ve successfully reported this review.

Johan Oldenkamp • Secret Energy

Find your ancestors and publish your family tree on Genealogie Online via https: In Love with Words. Davidson shows how shapes manipulate the Aether, which corresponds to the underlying energy field which permeates all space and time. Johan Joahnthe founder of Wholly Science. A New Earth Rising. Search in Open Archives.

Rolling Back the Veil. To use this feature you must be logged in and have a subscription.

Home Introduction Why Wholly Science? You’re about to report an error in the following record: Oldenakmp his books, Dan A. With one click you can then view the list of children. Edison — and the alternating current AC joham of Nikola Tesla — Men and Women of the Universe, Unite! What is Wholly Science? On Tuesday February 2,Dr. In this live broadcast of Pateo TV, host Johan Oldenkamp scientifically debunked once and for all the outright nonsense of the current top four disinformation subjects of the alternative media: The Law of Polar Opposites.

Search discussions Search term. Steps on the Path of Transformation, Volume 1.