NOTE: Everyone agrees that the minimum requirements of the Khutbah must be in Arabic. 1) How to Begin. –. Have the intention that you are going to give a. Recently, I was approached by a “Alim” who attended a Friday Khutbah I delivered. He wanted five minutes of my time to discuss my speech. 26 كانون الأول (ديسمبر) When the Khateeb begins his sermon, he should say the following words in Arabic (along with the English translation if the sermon will be in.

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And they speak non-Arabic languages. When I say the ritual prayers — the 5 daily salat — they are in Arabic because we have been instructed to offer our salat just as the Prophet did. However, just bc the Indo Paks have been stuck with the arabic as u said and are least versatile in the language does not point at the weakness of using Arabic for khutbah or anything else for that matter. He says that admittedly, a non-Arabic Khutbah is Makrooh or impermissible, yet the non-Arabic language does not render it as void.

Some also feel that arabic is meant for the maulvis not for your everyday Azad and Khalilurahman. I agree with Mezba. The Malikis are the most strict. The imam might as well say anything. This is itself a preference determined and preferred by Allah.

In addition, I support the approach of many from South America, who proudly retain their Spanish language as an integral part of their culture. When people immigrate, we expect them to learn English. We also have to understand the context of the statements by the Imams or their schools. April 10, at 2: People still speak Arabic, not as pure as it was at the time of revelation, but Arabic jummha been preserved all these years, unlike probably most other languages, if not all other languages.

The translation can never capture the essence of Quran. arsbic

April 13, at A commonly used preferential line we may not take note of can be found in surah Fatiha we all read several times a day. Everyone gets up, prays 4 sunnah. Is this type of effort unrealistic?


If Iam not mistaken The prophet had stated in the meaning of the Hadith The deeper your understanding to arabic the closer you are to Iman. Imam Abu Hanifah differs from them in this aspect only.

When we say something is the best, it does not necessarily insult or render everything else useless. Now a days all these countries like India, Pakistan, Indonesia, and other minority muslims outside Arab world muslims do not work on getting there children and themselves educated in Arabic.

Short Arabic Jummah Khutba for Students and others

Indo-Pak Hanafi have stuck to doing the khutba in Arabic, and arguably this community khutgah the least knowledge of Arabic as a whole.

After reading this, one may get the impression that non-Arabic speakers also need not apply. Know that the line of argument that the types of SK take is not new, It is meant to make you feel guilty that your path of enforcing learning the language of the manual of life may prevent others from coming to islam or understanding it. And we cannot question Him. Their teachers used to say in later times this will happen.

This is because of a statement by Omar ibn al-Khattab, which explains that the other two rakah of Dhuhr were replaced by the Khutbah. Someone who writes such thing should ask himself how committed he is to understanding Islam.

Radio Islam – Arabic Khutbah

Actually the sunnah is to pray whatever Allah has written for you until the Imam goes to give a speech. I know this may sound contradictory for some people but this is possible in fiqh. Playing the difference of opinion games. Those who were learned in English got better jobs, societal respect, became aristocrats and controlled the society on behalf of their colonial masters.

Brother the issue is that people on this very forum call the earlier scholars stupid while they are not even the worth of dust on the shoes of those scholars. I would like to only hear a yes or no from you as you are the starter of this chain. How can you be a true seeker of knowledge without at the same time learning Arabic?


But it is unlikely that a significant number of Muslims in America are going to learn the language of Arabic.

The link does not give any justification to why it may be fabricated. Would ANY one agree that slavery, which all our former scholars justified, be brought back? Would you apply your same arguments to prayer which all the scholars agree that it has to be in Arabic? Only people with v. I would kindly advise you to refrain from calling it stupid, because by saying this, you are saying the scholars who took this opinion are such — and that is not the case.

To get some drive about learning arabic try here http: What is preferred or liked by some scholar is different from what is mandatory in Islam. Indonesia has had Muslims for 1, years. Very few people actually attend this as it is entirely optional. Indeed, the Arabic language has features that no other language on earth has.

Jummah Khutbah Arabic – Islamic Site

The man was very humble in his approach and flexible in his argument. But also to abuse someone who aarabic a slave of Allah and believed they were upon the truth khubtah only did it for the sake of Allah — well, it is obvious that there is neither any good in such behaviour nor is it in the manners of a Muslim.

If not, then he can use any language he masters. I learnt the deen first in English which was my second language and now Jmumah try to learn it in Arabic. There are Indo Paks who actually feel urdu is better than arabic and that urdu is an Islamic language.

JazakAllah khayr for the advice brother. No doubt Arabic is the Link and rope that ties us together think about it………………….

May 13, at 6: