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Of this collection, 31 are in Persian of which 30 are prose and 1 is based on poetry Diwan-e-Bahoo. It is quite interesting to note that he summarized all his teachings present in his Persian books in Abyat. After the extinction of Persian in the subcontinent, he gained popularity in the subcontinent especially in ,alam international level through his Abyat-e-Bahoo.

The marvel and specialty of Abyat-e-Bahoo is that it is read and listened in all the spiritual orders, shrines, religious gatherings, mosques and religious lectures of all spiritual orders. They are equally popular among the people belonging to the rural and urban areas of all provinces.

Abyat is an Arabic word which is the plural of bayt which is usually taken to be a two-lined poetry and sometimes more than that. Although Hazrat Sultan Bahoo RA did not acquire worldly education but he was immensely endowed with spiritual education.

He dedicated his life klam spreading the word of Allah to the best of his physical and spiritual abilities. During his lifetime, he was able to write bhoo which are pearls of wisdom and the crux of religion. All dimensions of spirituality and schools of thought either connect or originate to the teachings of Hazrat Sultan Bahoo RA. Hence, his teachings can also be taken as the doctrine of spirituality, Tasawuf and all names given to the inner way of reaching the Creator.


Kalam e Bahoo – Kalam Hazrat Sultan Bahoo (R.A) – Iqbal Bahoo – video dailymotion

His Abyat-e-Bahoo is the summary of his literary writings and possibly beyond them. Abyat-e-Bahoo core teachings revolved around the following topics: Abyat e Bahoo Kamil has been written in a unique manner because it is not just a compilation of a previous book or note but it involved the investigation of years old hand-written and published manuscripts.

Abyat e Bahoo Kamil has been produced for the seekers oalam Allah. Abyat e Bahoo Kamil in Punjabi and Saraiki is a treasured gift for all schools of thought, seekers, common people and lovers of Sufi poetry. This is a unique website which will require a more modern browser to work!

Introduction of Abyat e Bahoo. Key Topics of Abyat e Bahoo. Authentic Book on Abyat-e-Bahoo.

Abyat e Bahoo — Zawn Zawn Abyat e Bahoo — Zal Kkalam Abyat e Bahoo — Zaa Zaa Abyat e Bahoo — Yaa Yaa Abyat e Bahoo — Waow Waow Abyat e Bahoo — Tawn Tawn Abyat e Bahoo — Swad Swad Bahhoo e Bahoo — Sheen Sheen Abyat e Bahoo — Seen Seen Abyat e Bahoo — Saa Saa Abyat e Bahoo — Raa Raa Abyat e Bahoo — Qaaf Qaaf Abyat e Bahoo — Noon Noon Abyat e Bahoo — Meem Meem Abyat e Bahoo — Laam Laam Abyat e Bahoo — Khaa Khaa Abyat e Bahoo — Kaaf Kaaf Abyat e Bahoo — Jeem Jeem Abyat e Bahoo — Hey Hey Abyat e Bahoo — Haa Haa Abyat e Bahoo — Gawn Gawn Abyat e Bahoo — Gaaf Gaaf Abyat e Bahoo — Faa Faa Abyat e Bahoo — Jalam Dawad Abyat e Bahoo — Daal Daal Abyat e Bahoo — Ain Ain Abyat e Bahoo — Chaa Chaa Abyat e Bahoo — Taa Taa Abyat e Bahoo — Paa Paa Abyat e Bahoo — Baa Baa Abyat e Bahoo — Alif Alif Please click to request bahko Online Oath Kalan facility….