So I have been seriously consider getting a kayak erg for this winter. When the weather gets really cold or the water freezes I would like to continue training. Does anyone know if there is a good brand kayak ergometer distributor in Sydney (or east coast), Australia? Last time I looked into it the only way you could . I recently completed the instructional video on how to build your own kayak ergometer from a Nordic Track ski machine. The plans and part list.

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Found — lost kayak. I just need to figure out how to attach the weight better and it will be fully functional. Buy the video plans from the original designer! I had to check to make sure I didn’t write this post. Layak is a link: Top kayak races of — 1; The Youghness Monster Brand new product which simulates the motion stereotype of paddle sport for test and training. You will find other such DIY ergometers online but many of them are very long and look like they have bed frames attached to the front of the device which causes ropes to rub, require a lot of space, and are not really portable.

Homemade kayak ergometer from Ergometed Track ski machine.

For tools, would a drill and jigsaw be enough or are there others I might need? Follow me on Twitter My Tweets. Please Log in or Create an account to join the conversation.


How hard would it be to swap between the stable legs and the balance kajak

Thanks for the ideas for the rockers. Published by Dave The Kayaker. I was wondering if you had seen this difference on other Speedstroke machines?

Kayak Ergo

Other less expensive models that work well exist, though. Please revise, I will organize purchase. I got the inspiration from the kayakpro catchforce. But, try to demo a Gym if you can. I’m trying to figure out a way to retrofit my machine to add this feature on.

DIY Kayak Ergometer Plans now available!

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Powered by Kunena Forum. Thanks, Jeff Like Like. It’s smooth like butta’ and has an impeccable catch and stroke simulation. In my opinion, the time spent on a good erg is more productive than on the water – if you already kayqk how to paddle and ergo,eter a ski.

It is a fantastic alternative to either paddling on water or a gym work-out, as it supplies such a hard aerobic and muscular workout.

Dianne, Your email address was indeed captured and came through via PayPal and your ordered was just processed. Does anyone know if there is ergomeher good brand kayak ergometer distributor in Sydney or east coastAustralia?

DIY Kayak Ergometer Plans now available! – Dave The Kayaker

Not really, but adjust the length of the paddle dowel last so you kqyak comfortable. Last time I looked into it the only way you could get hold of a decent one here was to import from the US. Protected by R Antispam.


The will not work. It does not look like this one has that so I am confused as the link in the youtube video brought me here.

I have been toying around with the thought of building one. Start Prev 1 Next End 1. The WEBA Kayak Ergo ergomrter quality engineered using heavy duty components, looks good and can be split quickly into two parts for transportation or storage. When its windy in Cape Town, Michele and I paddle on the ergo. What I really like about it is it’s size. Uffilation Offline Platinum Boarder I am going to ask the stupid and probably obvious question.

Log in Forgot your password? Can you help me out I am not the most technical but I am willing to try anything because I really want this machine.

My video plans assume you are starting with a complete machine.