A big thanks to Keeks and the Future Pro Goalie School crew for their knowledge and welcome this week. They run a well seasoned, modern and jam-packed. In the instruction section of the site you can tune in to weekly podcasts where Keeks interviews a goalie or a coach, as well as see video clips of. The vast majority of men and women who coach minor hockey in this country don ‘t know the first thing about coaching goalies.

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There is really a lot of info out there for goalies just starting out. Goaltending is a different position and requires different skill development than players. I believe the main benefit to the program, in theory, is accessibility to goalie coaching for all minor hockey goalies just as there is kekes skaters. Change the goalies in the video for the junior national team goalies, and the setup of the training environment is identical.

Hi Ian, Great posts. Gialie was able to do this with the kind assistance of Mr.

Keek’s essential goaltending manual? – Goalie Store Bulletin Board

Thank you all very much. Educating the coaches, giving them the tools. No decent hockey in Europe? If Canada wants to develop elite goalies, then there are easy to implement programs that can be integrated into minor hockey, well before the CHL.

This is what I had to do everytime I was working with a new coach. With hockey Canada now going to emphasize the importance of goalie training it will benefit the young goalies coming up through the ranks. How are goalies handled during team practices? I do understand that Hockey Canada does offer training programs to all the different hockey bodies across Canada, and us as coaches have to step forward and learn, study and develop these skills and drills for our own players.

Many of these goaltenders from Europe, too, are ones who find themselves fast-tracked to the professional ranks way too quickly in their homelands and, on several occasions, they find themselves competing with North American goalies there who want to take their jobs.


From community to higher levels. My whole body hurt afterward, but it was totally worth it. After that age their development falls off because they can only play in adult leagues due to low numbers.

Agreed, our biggest battle for goalie parents is getting the coaches to agree for us to work with their goalies during practice.

Many good points have been brought up in regards to the tools and resources needed. Goalie Development in Switzerland.

Page 1 – Goaltending Essentials

Its galie sad to see these young goalies coming to every and the only instruction they get is which net to get into and when to switch, yet the players get times that each week, and yet they are the first ones that the coaches and teammates look at when they lose a game. But at least it is better than nothing! Your email address will not be published.

I know that with some competitive team in the U. My main problems were going down when needed and goalir in the goalie skates. Except in Canada, goaltending is considered the most important position and training and resources are focused on goaltenders from early ages.

Mark Oram on June 13, at You can tune in while the game is live and also post your own comments. WE pay for the camps, because with out that, there would be no development. So, to be able to have us coaches trained to understand the position better can only help our young players….

Definitely going to practice a lot more! View Canada Camp Schedule. I would love to correspond to you directly on this to get your ideas and pointers. Send me your email and I will immediately write you back so I can get things moving as time is at an essance as we keeks fast approaching the month of November being the fact that it begins on Friday.


We have managed to work with goalies during their regular scheduled practices with the approval of their coaches, however not ALL coaches agree to it.

People who are willing to spend the time that is needed. There are many Summer Goalie Camps and Clinics but when it comes to joining a team there is very little to none at all coaching for goalies. Posted February 20, The Spoonman, Goalie Coach….

Hockey Canada Plans New Goalie Coach Certification

Bench coaches need to be educated as well, with some goalie training being part kkeeks their certification, tryouts at the minor hockey level for goalies needs to be addressed, and I could go on.

Many European countries have recognized this need and have created national certification goalie educational programs, including Finland and Sweden, which I believe are the leaders in this category in Europe. And would be a waste of our time.

What we need is hoalie commitment from the top down to kekes that it happens. Margie on May 30, at 1: We need a politician or big name goalie to push this. Jason on May 30, at Will eliminating Europeans allow more Canadian goalies to follow his path? As others before me have stated, many people may have the qualifications, but do not have the ability to teach the skills. Our biggest complaint for years from goalie parents is that there is no focus on goalie training at practices.

This will be a wake up call for them. So an honest assessment would be similar to yours. Goalie-training issues have existed for approximately forever.