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Arfa, Ahmed Ali’s youngest daughter, is in love with and engaged to her maternal cousin, Junaid – which leaves Aminah Ahmed Ali’s eldest daughter, open for marriage. He received two titles: He is also noted for his cruel and rapacious behavior, particularly during the re-subjug Shiraz wine topic Shiraz wine refers separately to two different well-known wines.

It 58 was held that under Mahomedan law, in the instance of a wife who may give a house to her husband, the gift will be good, although she continue to occupy it along with her husband, and keep all her property there- in, because the wife and her property are both in the legal possession of the husband. It was built as part of a complex during the Zand dynasty was built in AH and is named after Karim Khan, and served as his living quarters. Each parent having a sixth, the remainder four is to be distributed among the five daughters, and this cannot be done without a fraction.

The Mahomedan law having been evolved from the Koran, and the sayings of the prophet naturally presents such difficulties, and the question, whether the vendor is bound to offer the property to his co-parcener before selling it to a stranger, is an illustration of what I mean — a difficulty which was felt at an early stage by the Mahomedan Jurists themselves. The learned Judges, in the case to which I have just referred, seem to have appreciated this difficulty, but preferred to adopt the view of Imam Abu Hanifa in preference to the concurrent opinions of his two eminent disciples — Kazi Abu Yusuf and Imam Mahomed— notwithstanding the fact that a passage was cited to them from the Dorrul Mokhtar in support of the view that where, in guch a point, there is a difference between Abu Hanifa and his disciples, the opinion of the latter should prevail.

Jafar Khan then sent his men to stop his advance towards the city, but they withdrew at Qum without even putting They have no doubt that assent may in some cases be presumed from the conduct and demeanour of the parties after they have attained puberty and mature understanding.


Such being khaue nature of the dower, the rules which regulate its payment are neces- sarily affected by the position of a married woman under the Mahomedan law. Consent on the part of the girl in one or other shape stated is necessary, but it must be express on the part of a Suyyib.

There has as yet been no ruling by the Judicial Com- mittee of the Privy Council, nor by any of the other High Courts, approving and following the opinion of the Full Bench of the Allahabad Court.


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Member feedback about Azad Khan Afghan: Here the survivors are said to have vested interests tajdad the inheritance, and the rule is, as stated, that the property of the first deceased is apportioned among the general heirs living at the time of the death of the last heir. They started playing in the 2nd division of Shiraz’s ohaje city league.

The inner parts of the citadel with painted porches and rooms, fountains and gardens have a special elegance. Ehsan khaje amiri kojaei. So in an action on a promise to pay a collateral sum on request. Khajr is importaat, however, in some cases of negotiable securities, that the demand be made within a reasonable time ; in other cases that the demand should be made immediately, and some without any demand at all.

And so also the paternal aunts of his father, the paternal aunts of his grandfather, and the paternal aunts of his mother and grandmothers.

This leads me to the consideration of the second point upon which the greatest stress has been laid in the argument at the bar.

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Option to annul a contract must be ex- ercised with- in three days. It is not necessary to pursue any further the syllogistic manner in which such questions were dealt with by Maho- medan Jurists.

The price must be ascertained so as to prevent dispute in future. In Fatema Bibee v. During the Zand dynasty it served as the living quarters for Karim Khan.

The Collector of Mymensing. The years from to Karim Khan’s death in marked the zenith of Zand rule. Muzaffar Warsi topic Muzaffar Warsi Urdu: Since the inception of the band, there had been many changes in the line-up; the only consistent members being, brothers, Ali Noor and Ali Hamza.

The owner holds the property whilst its usufruct is enjoyed by the legatee. Ali Kazmi topic Ali Kazmi Urdu: But I reject the conclusion, because the necessary steps leading to it are based upon, what I may respectfully call, fallacies as to the Mahomedan rules of pre-emption.


There is no Masuma Bibi, I. That the results of such re- strictions or qualifications are dependent for their enforce- ment upon the occurrence of the actual sale is a circum- stance which, in my opinion, does not affect the question relating to the inception of the right of pre-emption.

The parties and their families were, and are, Shias. Shiraz holds a Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree as well. Hamilton, but, at the same time, I am afraid it has been sometimes the source of mistakes by our Courts in the adn: These authorities show that there may be cases where an action would not lie, except where a request or demand is made, and others where such demand is not necessary.

This right is for the purpose of obtaining what has been stated as prompt dower, whether wholly or partly. Iranian-language surnames Revolvy Brain revolvybrain History pixelco. Residuaries through special cause are those who are called the emancipatots. And if the Hindu purchaser would not be affect- ed by the Mahomedan s pre-emptive claim, it would be on the principle of a cognate maxim that law passes with its burdens — terra transit cum overe — and there would be no violation of the notions of justice, equity, and good conscience.

Abol-Fath Khan Zand Persian: These rules enable us to ascertain the shares which the. In Ponappa Pillai v.

Shiraz-Ali topics

Although there is no work directly come from Abu Hanifa, yet his doc- trines — as embodied in the Digests, the Futawa-i-Kazee and the Futawa of Alumgir, compiled by order of Aurungzebc, and the most celebrated Hedaya — are uni- versally received as authority throughout India. In the case of a person dying leaving his wife pregnant, the share of one son is to be reserved, which would go to the son if one were born. From this it follows that pre-emption becomes enforceable by sale, that is, after its coming into existence.

It is true, as Mitter, J. Such a case appears to be beyond the reach of intellectual apprehension, the suggested law is visionary, and the facts are of a somewhat intangible character.

When the parties meet together at a place where there is nothing to prevent their matrimonial intercourse, either in law, decency, or health, the retirement is valid. Kai-Khusrau, who ruled Shiraz for hi