– Free download as PDF File .pdf) or view presentation slides online. Hakim, Rustam dan Hardi Utomo. (). Komponen Perancangan Arsitektur Lansekap (Prinsip-Unsur dan Aplikasi Desain). Jakarta: Bumi Aksara Publisher. Jurnal Lanskap Indonesia, Vol. 3 No. 1, 38–47, Hakim, R., & Utomo, H. Komponen Perancangan Arsitektur Lansekap: Prinsip-Unsur dan Aplikasi.

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Becomes the barometer to other cities in the Republic of Indonesia.

rustam hakim manan | Trisakti University –

Governance as a concept recognizes that power exists inside and outside the formal authority and institutions of government. Jika ada, berapa besarnya dan apakah berarti atau tidak? Good governance is often defined as the realization indicator of reinventing the government by fulfillment of the following principles: In turn it will affect GG performance Herwin Nur, Listwise Deletion of Missing Data.

An Introduction, edited by Jay M. Roseland, M,Toward Sustainable Communities. Artinya besarnya tingkat pendapatan dipengaruhi oleh pengeluaran biaya promosi. The main problems is the lack of managements of urban green open space of DKI Jakarta.

Other problems found were collusion, corruption, mark up, and collecting illegal retribution that creates high economy cost. According to its location green open space can be coastal open space, river hood plain, greenways and open area at the end of airplane runways in airports. Pengujian hipotesis tentang fenomena ekonomi khususnya pada perilaku dan fungsi revenue.

Push and shove among the government sector, private sector and society can cause tension and conflict if not managed wisely. Green open Space Management Sytem.


The University of Massachusetts Press, Amherst. Metropolitan Integrated Environment Programme, To solve problems by using AHP, several basic principle must be understood, they are: Participation in Planed Development: Respondent Distribution for Policy Acceptor. Pengujian hipotesis tentang fenomena ekonomi khususnya pada perilaku dan fungsi revenue perusahaan dengan biaya promosi dalam hal ini adalah biaya pemasangan iklan.

Berdasarkan hasil SPSS diperoleh nilai. The objective ofstudy is getting the policy to manage the urban green open space in DKI Jakarta.

What kind of factors that hampered the management of the urban green open space? So this research can be used as a comparison in setting green open space area for highly populated area. Plants can reduce this effect, through the plant itself directly and indirectly through the process of evapotranspirational Roseland, Green Openspace from Fig 1.

Untuk itu bila perusahaan akan tetap menghasilkan keuntungan maksimum kkomponen diperlukan pengeluaran biaya iklan.

Komponen Perancangan Arsitektur Lansekap – Edisi Pertama

Society participation can be differented into active participation and passive participation. Good governance principles that must be developed in policy implementation in general are: Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Hasil dari perhitungan komputer diketahui bahwa: Asumsi yang diperkirakan bahwa revenue akan meningkat bila pengeluaran biaya promosi membesar. Secara model ekonomi digambarkan sebagai berikut: Data yang dimaksud sebagai berikut: Active participation is the ability to take part as a subject while passive participation takes part as an object.

Data used to clearly analysis the situation can be calssified into primary data and secondary data. Undang-undang Nomor 26 Tahuntentang Penataan Ruang. To analyze the factors causing the problem.

To analyze the second hypothesis, a specific interview was organized with 30 policy makers and implementers as respondent among which are: Rencana Umum Tata Ruang — Good Governance Concept To understand the term governance, we have to differentiate it from the term Government.


Y diestimasi y, a diestimasi a, dan b diestimasi b.

RUSTAM HAKIM | Just another weblog

Facts proved that there have been green openspace function shifts, and so used for something else Ditjen Bangda Depdagri The distribution of benefits from green space in relation to economic and social disadvantage is unclear. The reason behind choosing Jakarta as the object of research are: Hanindita Graha Widya Dusseldorp, D. According to Saleh Azizparticipation is different from mobilization. Dari data yang diperoleh, maka diambil 15 sampel untuk dianalisa dengan mempergunakan SPSS terhadap permasalahan yang di hadapi.

At present Good Governance emphasized on bureaucracy or executive circle, while fact Good Governance has 3 domain: As the follow up of the questions above is giving the alternatives to solve that hampred, then, the question is, how is the alternative to management solve the lack of management of the urban green open space in DKI Jakarta The objective ofstudy is getting the policy to manage the urban green open space in DKI Jakarta.

The community has various type of daily activities.

Physical development pushes forward toward maximum physical structure phenomena; meanwhile green openspace towards the minimum; with a tendency to change the face of nature. In the relation to that problem, there are two questions was raised: Pengujian Terhadap Koefisien Regresi.