HIDEAWAY was the first novel of mine that elicited a pleasing quantity of hate mail. The volume of hate was never so great that the postal. Hideaway. Dean R. Koontz. Putnam Publishing. US Hardcover First. ISBN pages; Date Reviewed: Reviewed by Rick. Summary: Hideaway is a disappointing and disjointed novel unworthy of Koontz. It’s one of this patchy author’s poorer efforts. The plot is.

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But I really hope he could do better than he has done. Had I been Mr. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Like Hatch, Jeremy was clinically dead for more than 30 minutes, and during that time, believes that he went to hell and was later returned to do Satan’s bidding. He’s kind of hard to miss, with his annual novel, released in January, that shoots to the top of the bestseller lists for a few weeks.

He became a successful independent producer after leaving Universal, so sometimes there is justice in Hollywood. Buy Hideaway by Dean Koontz at Amazon.

This is my second Koontz read and again, he did not disappoint. The Stand, It, etc. Then I had an inspiration. Theresa Kana brown Yes it is mostly, but its also about how evil returned to the world after someone died and was brought back to life. One central theme in a Dean Koontz novel is good versus evil. Lindsay is barely hanging on to life but Hatch is clinicall It took me til the near end of the book for me to realize that I had seen this movie and with that I will say that the book is much better than the movie.

In “Hideaway”, he really outdoes himself in his Orange County environment, so convincingly creating that amusement park out in the wilds of San Juan Capistrano that I asked myself if it might actually exist. That is the last thing I want. As for the November screening, Leonard recalled that Koontz had barely started watching the film when he got up and left. Now to protect his family, Hatch realizes he may be the only capable of putting Vassago down.

Vassago is one creepy guy and enough mystery is enshrouded around him to leave the reader from becoming bored. Actually, throughout the imagery is fantastic whether it is the antagonist’s lair or the link between the two main characters. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.


Reading anything in-between would be a complete waste of your time. Before writing HIDEAWAY one of a small handful of my novels that deals with the genuine supernaturalI had noticed that it was common for such fiction to focus on, even to revel in, the dark side without ever suggesting—and certainly without depicting—the existence of a light side.

He feels the man’s thoughts, his anger, his hatred of the living. This was a shortcoming of most horror and a key reason why I found a lot of the genre unconvincing.

Is he linked to a being of murderous intent and is it all his own fault for cheating Death? That’s not to say it doesn’t have quite a bit of violence and darkness, for it surely does, but it hit me a lot harder when I was fourteen. Personal tools Log in.

Or those paperback reprints of koontz written under pseudonyms that keep popping up like perennials on your grocery store shelves. Hideway is a great read.

His scores make his case.

HIDEAWAY From the Author

This is what comes of publishing several novels uideaway year. This was a shocking and offensive point of view to my fifty correspondents, however, and thus I found myself the recipient of hate mail, none of it perfumed or decorated with stick-on yellow smily faces.

In the plus side, Vassago – the evil guy is the only one that I really enjoy reading about. Tags anna anton yelchin ashley bell blog blog post brother odd dean dean koontz dean koontz books dean koontz novels dean koontz writing deeply odd dog ebook fantasy Fiction finale forever odd Frankenstein hollywood innocence koontz koontz books last light movies mystery new fiction odd apocalypse odd interlude hidaeway odd thomas books odd thomas movie Odd Thomas Series preorder Prodigal Son saint odd stephen sommers story ideas television series the city thriller trixie wilderness Willem Dafoe writing.

To everyone’s kkoontz, he seems to make a complete recovery. Even if he is evil than hireaway. Koontz, meanwhile, said he was “very upset” that someone had leaked his letters to news organizations.


Hideaway by Dean Koontz – book review

Literary Guild Dual Selection for March. So, Hatch has an accident and a doctor reanimates him after 80 minutes. Hideaway Group Read – September Aug 06, Jim C rated it it was amazing.

If you only get your books at airport gift shops, and you read mostly the likes of Janet Evanovich, John Grisham hideawy Harlan Coban, what I would like to call the blockbuster writers, the Jason Bays and John Carpenters of the literature world.

Especially, imagery that Mr. Hideaway is no exception to this. Twice this publication has given space to vicious attacks on me which featured phrases and even whole sentences from those hate letters. This is Dean Koontz after all, and though he likes his happy little wappies, he also likes to terrorize them and the reader with unlovely figures like Vassago, a young man who thinks he’s from Hell and might as well be.

Hideawsy see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Open Preview See a Problem? I did have some problems following the book, this synopsis looks better by others. They are always knights in shinning armour.

May 13, TQM Doctor rated it liked it. Having been trying to finish the Odd Thomas series, I tried very hard to hiveaway through 6, but I just couldn’t do it, the series started out good but now it just feels like it’s lost it’s magic.

Tom Clancy, for example, lashed out at the makers of “Patriot Games,” fuming that out of some scenes in the script, only one corresponded to his novel.

I enjoy the style and his ability to step out beyond the lines of what you might expect. Published July 5th by Berkley first published January I have been asked to write an article for a major American magazine to celebrate the legendary—nay, immortal? Is the theme of the book basically about good vs.