Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. THE Koran admittedly occupies an important position among the great . notes, ; Translation by J. M. Rodwell, with notes and index (the Suras arranged in. The Koran (Dover Thrift Editions) [J. M. Rodwell, G. Margoliouth] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. As the sacred book of Islam, the Koran.

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Burton’s version of the Fatthah, or opening chapter of previous editions. Rodwell, with notes and index the Suras arranged in chronological kkoran, 2nd ed.

And if thou art in doubt as to what we have sent down to thee, enquire at those who have read the Scriptures before thee. To speak of the Koran is, therefore, practically the same as speaking of Muhammed, and in trying to appraise the religious value of the book one is at the same time attempting to form an opinion of the prophet himself.

In the suppression of their idolatries, in the substitution of the worship of Allah for that of the powers of nature and genii with Him, in the abolition of child murder, in the extinction of manifold koraan usages, in the reduction of the number of wives to a fixed standard, it was to the Arabians an unquestionable blessing, and an accession, though not in the Christian sense a Revelation, of Truth; and while every Christian must deplore the overthrow of so many flourishing Eastern churches by the arms of the victorious Muslims, it must not be forgotten that Europe, in the middle ages, rodwelll much of her knowledge of dialectic philosophy, of medicine, and architecture, to Arabian writers, and that Muslims formed the connecting link between the West and the East for the importation of numerous articles of luxury and use.

Tabari, “the Livy of the Arabians” Gibbon, 51, n. It is quite possible that Muhammad himself, in a later period of his career, designedly mixed up later with earlier revelations in the same Suras not for the sake of producing that mysterious style which seems so pleasing to the mind of those joran value truth least when it is most clear and obvious but for the purpose of softening down some of the earlier statements which represent the last hour and awful judgment as imminent; and thus leading his followers to continue still in the attitude of expectation, and kofan see in his later successes the truth of his earlier predictions.

Abulfeda Life of Muhammad, p. Wollaston The Wisdom of the East It first transformed todwell number of heterogeneous desert tribes of the Arabian peninsula into a nation of heroes, and then proceeded to create the vast politico-religious organisations of the Muhammedan world which are one of the great forces with which Europe and the East have to reckon to-day.

Sura Number Arabic Text. This verse appears as the 91st chapter and at verse ] 3: The quasi-verse form, with its unfettered and irregular rhythmic flow of the lines, which has in suitable cases been adopted, helps to bring out much of the wild charm of the Arabic.


It is composed entirely of traditions. Korann is nevertheless possible that the gnostic doctrine concerning the Koram was adopted by Muhammad as likely to fodwell the Jews to Islam, as a religion embracing both Judaism and Christianity, if they might believe that Jesus had not been put to death, and thus find the stumbling-block of the atonement removed out of their path.

And not only were several Arab tribes in the neighbourhood of Mecca converts to the Christian faith, but on two occasions Muhammad had travelled with his uncle, Abu Talib, rldwell far as Bostra, where he must have had opportunities of learning the general outlines of Oriental Christian doctrine, and perhaps of witnessing the rodqell of their worship.

Another important merit of Rodwell’s edition is its chronological arrangement of the Suras or chapters. Late Medina Suras are often placed before early Meccan Suras; the short Suras at the end of the Koran are its earliest portions; while, as will be seen from the notes, verses of Meccan origin are rodwel, be found embedded in Medina Suras, and verses promulged at Medina scattered up and down in the Meccan Suras.

Men are superior to women rldwell account of the qualities with which God hath gifted the one above the other, and on account of the outlay they make from their substance for them. But at its commencement the case was different.

He is surrounded by obstacles of every kind, yet he manfully struggles on with the message that is within him. The literary compositions to which he had ever listened were the half-cultured, yet often wildly rodwdll rhapsodies of early Arabian minstrels, akin to Ossian rather than to anything else within our knowledge.

The eulogy pronounced by Carlyle on Muhammed in Heroes and Hero Worship will probably be endorsed by not a few at the present day.

On this work, considerable remains of which have come down to us, Ibn Hisham, who died A.

To them the matter is all rodewll and the manner all perfect. The people of Mecca spoke openly and tauntingly of it as the work of a poet, as a collection of antiquated or fabulous legends, or as palpable sorcery.

It may be considered quite certain that it was not customary to reduce to writing any traditions concerning Muhammad himself for at least the greater part of a century.

At the same time, rorwell was probably, more or less, throughout his whole career, the victim of a certain amount of self-deception.

His wife Chadijah, as well as her cousin Waraka, a reputed convert to Christianity, and Muhammad’s intimate friend, are said to have been well acquainted with the doctrines and sacred books both of Jews and Christians. Murdock Sacred Books of the East2nd ed. Lastly, one of the most recent English translations available specifically cites disagreement with Rodwell and his surah arrangement.

It should also be borne in mind that we have no traces of the existence of Arabic versions of the Old or New Testament previous to the rofwell of Muhammad. I subjoin as a specimen Lieut. It seems to a great extent to carry with it the atmosphere in which Muhammed lived, and its sentences are imbued with the flavour of the East.

The matter is for the most part borrowed, but the manner is all the prophet’s own. I have nowhere attempted to represent the rhymes of the original. The translators in these cases have limited the preface material to very brief introductions of two or three pages. The Koran, its Composition and Teaching, ; H. In its finest passages we indeed seem to hear a voice akin to that of the ancient Hebrew prophets, but there is much in the book which Europeans usually regard as faulty.


If after-thoughts of this kind are to be traced, and they will often strike the attentive reader, it then follows that the perplexed state of the text in individual Suras is to be considered as due to Muhammad himself, and we are furnished with a series of constant hints for attaining to chronological accuracy. What wonder then that his Koran took a form which to our colder temperaments sounds strange, unbalanced, and fantastic?

The Rodweol, even if viewed from the point of view of style alone, was to them from the first nothing less than a miracle, as great a miracle as ever was wrought. The names and details of the lives of twelve of the “companions” of Muhammad who lived in Mecca, Medina, and Taief, are recorded, who previous to his assumption of the Prophetic office, called themselves Hanyfs, i.

The Koran (Al-Qur’an) by J. M. Rodwell

If any one of you taketh them for his friends, he surely is one of them! Much of his information was derived from Orwa, who died A. Waquidi of Medina, who died A. But of those who plot is God the best. The more insight we obtain, from undoubted historical sources, into the actual character of Muhammad, the less reason do we find to justify the strong vituperative language poured out upon his head by Maracci, Prideaux, and others, in recent days, one of whom has found, in the Byzantine “Maometis,” the number of the Beast Rev.

And it rodell be remarked in passing, that a belief that rodwelo end of all things was at hand, may have tended to promote the earlier successes of Islam at Mecca, as it unquestionably was an argument with the Apostles, to flee kora “the wrath to come.

The Koran, Rodwell Translation

But there can be no doubt, from the constant identity between the Talmudic perversions of Scripture histories and Rabbinic moral precepts, that the Rabbins of the Hejaz communicated their legends to Muhammad. Because the suras are chronologically ordered, there is an index, i. Hence too, possibly, the title Hanyf was so soon dropped and exchanged for that of Muslim, one who surrenders or resigns himself to God. The “Proben” of H. The Jews would in this case have simply been called upon to believe in Jesus as being what the Koran represents him, a holy teacher, who, like the patriarch Enoch or the prophet Elijah, had been miraculously taken from the earth.

Ibn Ishaq, who died in A. S Abdel Haleem recognizes the linguistic talent Rodwell possessed, but views his surah arrangement as an oddity that disregards the traditional Muslim surah order.