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Cambridge University Press Frantiek mejkal was now joined by an entire group of Czech and foreign scholars, including two who have since become mszinrodn scholars of early twentieth-century Czech art, Vojtch Lahoda and Karel Srp. It is not that there is no truth to the myth, but usually, in the case of other twentieth-century figures, the main facts have been ascertained.

Mezinárodní vztahy

The exact relationship between and among the three is unknown, particularly since Toyen was reserved about her romantic interests. The fourth chapter looks at theories of sexuality and gender among sexologists and psychoanalytic theorists whose work was familiar to the Prague surrealists. This isO ivot Toyen jsem se nedovdl nic, zstvala lidsky zhadn a nehlsila se k dn sv minulosti.

Strun, ale velmi uiten vypadajc knka vnovan historiografickmu problmu s uvnm kategori ortodoxie a hereze v prvnch staletch kesanstv. In distinction to all those today who think of painting solely mezinrldn terms of a riot of colour, Toyen has always insisted very strongly on the importance of drawing, not only as the framework without which a construction12Andr Breton, Surrealism and Painting, trans.

Nkolik poznmek k ivotu a dlu umlkyn, Atelir, no. Celkov je recenze pomrn pochvaln a dojem z listovn knihou dobr.

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Wiles, Maurice, Archetypal Heresy: The First Republic itself, while much better known than Toyens intimate biography, has acquired its own mythic status over the years. Breton connected her s imagery of fissures and spectres to the rise of Nazism, for example, and her relatively monochromatic wartime print cycles to a historical moment which urgently demanded introversion.

Jindich tyrsk, Photographies, Colloque Atget March As LeKarel Srp, Toyen, In fact, the vast majority of the grads in History of Art and Architecture keep one another afloat with good cheer, kvetching, snacks, and favors of one sort or another, and I am glad to have been part of so amiable a group. Srp states that Jelnek was influenced by tyrsk and Toyens art during and during the latter part of the s when he stayed briefly with them in Paris Karel Srp, Toyen, trans. While tyrsk received a monthly income of K during his tenure as scenic designer, book design and illustration appear to have been the pairs most reliable source of income, and one in which they were already active by While this trope is familiar from the story of Giotto and various other famous males, it also fits the notion of the talented woman as alien being, a creature not like others of her gender, a figure of no heritage or antecedents.


Prague with its legendary charms is, in fact, one of those cities that electively pin down poetic thought, which is always more or less adrift in space. Jsou veery, kdy Kerj, nae pinav, smutn tragick Praha zmn se ve zlatm svtle zpadu v bjenou plavou krasavici, v jedin zzrak svtla a jasu. This dissertation employs a mixed methodology that combines investigation of historical context with aspects of feminist, psychoanalytic, iconographic, and semiotic approaches.

One unusually gendered assessment of their work did, however, appear in Srp and Bydovsk, Knihy s Toyen. Pod pllitika genderu Prague: While they are too numerous to list in full, I must note Audrey Stanley, Elaine Yokoyama and Norvid Roos, Tom Corbett, and Kathy Foley as the faculty members who got to see me in both my best and worst moments and kept encouraging me along Audrey and Kathy xieventually wrote me letters of recommendation long after the average person would have forgotten who I was.

A Teige na to, aby si jen pkn sedl do kouteka, e mu vichni pejeme ze srdce, aby se hezky vyspinkal!

Eliška Hašková-Coolidge: Lidé zvítězili nad tiskem, nad politickými stranami

Though Toyens birthplace of Smchov was not incorporated into the city Velk Praha or Greater Prague untilit was but a short walk from Smchov to Prague proper, a journey made even shorter by tram.

It looks first at the semiotic theories of Roman Jakobson, Jan Mukaovsk, and the theater director Jindich Honzl, which were developed when all three were in close contact with Toyen and other future members of the Prague surrealist group.

Akropolis, ; Karel Srp, ed.

Active feminism worldwide, however, suffered a decline after World War I, in part due to its very gains regarding education, employment, suffrage, and political activity. Thus, to some extent, Toyen represented for Breton a survival of Prague magic.

He suggests that the Devtsil groups desire to be at the center cannot be equated with centrality as fact.

This is especially true of an artist like Toyen, who worked closely with other artists and poets and who nonetheless avoided revealing the usual clues to her oeuvre.


It is even believed that Toyen painted works designed by tyrsk that he was too ill and weak to carry out. Nezle mi na tom, co si o mn myslte. Nineteenth-century Czech women had had few rights and little opportunity for education or for well-paid work outside the home. Though not devoid of close observation and analysis, in his Introduction to the Work of Toyen later reprinted in Surrealism and PaintingBreton presented the artist as a kind of last surviving representative of a romanticized Prague.

Thus, the Czech feminist movement had created an atmosphere encouraging to womens artistic ambitions, but we will see that it was the camaraderie, relative openness, and political radicality of the interwar Czech avant-garde that provided a space for Toyens development as anThe KVU became independent from a larger womens group Martina Pachmanov, Neznm zem: Vstava modern eny v Brn, Eva 1, no.

See David-Fox, The s Generation, Moreover, numerous writers of the fin de sicle envisioned the city as a seductress, even as a dangerous femme fatale. Svrek, Katalog vstavy obraz a kreseb tyrskho a Toyen podan Skupinou vtvarnch umlc v Brn v galerii Vank, Dominiknsk Also very much present in my mind are the friends and faculty of my undergraduate life at UCSC.

Generalizations about surrealism based entirely on painters are bound to be misleading, she notes, because surrealism has never been primarily a movement of painters.

The French orientation of most literature on surrealism obscures both Toyens contribution and that of the Prague surrealist group as a whole.

As Karel Srp points out, while tyrsk belonged to the avant-garde, he remained independent from its programs. These primitivist works were also akin to the Social Civilist art produced around the same time by non-Devtsilers such as Otto Gutfreund, but Devtsil primitivism emphasized play and fantasy over the themes of modern-day life typical of the Social Civilists.

Focuses on theological, prosopographic, and political aspects. Seifert, Vecky krsy svta, ; Michl, Setkn s Jindichem tyrskm, At the end of the theater season, when tyrsk, who was now scenic designer for the Osvobozen divadlo Liberated Theaterhad no plays to design, Ha, the theater manager, bought an airbrush so that the artists could manufacture fashionable goods in the style of their paintings.

He regarded the works exhibited at the first surrealist exhibition in November as instead drawing on the ideas of cubism and dadaism.

See also David, Czech Feminists and Nationalism,