La conciencia de la mestiza:Towards a New Consciousness. AF. Ana Flores. Updated 31 March Transcript. Gloria Anzaldúa. “The fact that I . Gloria Anzaldua’s, “La Conciencia de la Mestiza” The chapter “Towards a New Consciousness” begins with a reference to Mexican author. La conciencia de la mestiza/towards a new consciousness: an inter-american conversation with Gloria Anzaldúa. Rev. Estud. Fem. [online]. , vol, n

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Evelyn Cardiel May 26, at 3: Without a doubt, this is the work of a woman who consciouaness achieved understanding of highly significant things in life, at a necessary level for change, and for a new consciousness. However, i think the points you did talk about were pretty clear She speaks of overcoming the duality that binds the people’s way of thinking, she acknowledges continual creative motion and a revolution of the established paradigm.

How to Write Essay in Third Person. Saldivar introduced the term to us, conciousness within the hyphen” of Mexican-American.

The end of dualistic thinking could bring the end of rape, violence and war if people realized it. Gabriel Escudero May 23, at 9: But, the nature of most dualistic thinking is that while they do obstruct each other, they could not exist without the other.

La conciencia de la mestiza:Towards a New Consciousness by Ana Flores on Prezi

Dualistic thinking creates a divide between people and what their beliefs are. While this binary manifests in many forms, it essentially boils down to the age old us versus them dichotomy that is at the heart of all conflict. I think adding a few more points and opinions would have made it a much stronger argument.

La mestiza therefore has a “dual La Conciencia de la Mestiza: It all depends on how the individuals sees the circumstances for instances, the raw information obtained from Coatlicue. Shavondra, I really enjoyed reading your response.

The split between cultures, men and women, and white and colored must conckencia to get rid of the ignorance that is present in the western culture.


La Conciencia de la Mestiza Towards a New Consciousness

The Mestiza lives in a world that consists of a split between cultures and gender and works to create her own sense of reality by accepting both worlds and molding them to reflect her. This choice not only renders other parts of her identity and culture invisible, it positions her in one box, one category defined by the dominant culture into a dualistic Western way of thinking; either as oppressed or oppressor, on the offense or defense.

How to Write a Summary of an Article? I enjoyed reading your response because it flows so well and is very to the point. The consciousness of the Borderlands neither knows or upholds boundaries.

Isabella Aimone May 26, at 9: You are commenting using your WordPress. The context that you set up using the quotes to support consciousnness idea sets up the rest of your analysis perfectly.

Christie Trevino May 26, at 7: In spite of the challenges to the indigenous peoples of the world, their identities thrive. I am curious to know what exactly do you mean regarding the multiple identities.

I think that if you were too elaborate on that “something else” it could really help conclude your argument. Other than that, I enjoyed reading your interpretation.

Those that do not choose to fall on either side or feel that they sit in the middle or lay at any point on the spectrum other than the ends are not recognized. We currently live in a categorical society.

La Conciencia de la Mestiza Towards a New Consciousness | Free Essays –

In chapter consciousjess of Borderlands, Anzaldua discusses what dualistic thinking is and the idea that is actually hurts people to have this kind of mentality. How to Write a Good Case Study. La mestiza “constantly has to shift out of habitual formations,” descendant of indigenous and spanish blood, la mestiza has to become “flexible” and balance between her two cultures, bending to each of their wills Anzaldua Charlie Sullivan May 26, at towadds Dualisitc pertains to two identities in one.

She adds that as a mestiza she walks out from one culture to another and beocmes confusssed from what she hears from each culture.


However, I feel if you would have stopped your sentences short, and then expanded on some of the toeards you had mentioned, it would have been more impactful.

The dualistic way of thinking must be uprooted. Clearly, when an individual or the collective consciousness of a culture aspires for such hybridization, loyalties are automatically compromised or divided.

The new mestiza is caught between the ideologies of two clashing cultures and is confronted with being both the oppressor and the oppressed, resulting in major ambivalence.

Amber Ramos May 26, at 9: Having a mestiza consciousness breaks that. Through dealing with the opposing cultures within her, the mestiza has built up a tolerance and “learns to be an Indian in Mexican culture, to be Mexican from an Anglo point of view. By choosing a belief or siding with an idea, forces go head to head which creates an even larger divide. The ability to break cultural perceptions of just belonging to one and just assimilating. Conscilusness idea that there can be a third opposite is a revolutionary idea with the power to solve an infinite number of problems such as rape, violence, and war.

The concept of divided loyalties elucidates the readers in the intricacies of the dualities of race.

This is where the mestiza consciousness takes place, la mestiza must first “take inventory [of conicencia history,” then reinterpret it, breaking all oppressions and then “adopt[ing] new perspectives” that grant her strength Anzaldua Mestizos holds this sort of dual thinking because they are the blend of both sides, and have eventually come into terms and negotiation between the contradictions facing their own identity.

If people can learn to understand one kestiza, then the world would cease to have problems. Most of the time, the mestiza identity is challenged by paradoxical cultural realities.