Escrito y Dirigido por/Written and Directed by Arístides Vargas La Razón Blindada será presentada sin intermedio y dura 80 minutos. La Razón Blindada runs. La Razón Blindada is a feast for eye, ear and intellect, though far from the brain of Argentine playwright Arístides Vargas, who also directs. Theatre Review: La Razón Blindada. La Razón Blindada, Teatro Malayerba- Arístides Vargas & Gerson Guerra © Alex. Back to Post. You must be logged in.

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Revista impresa — Entrevista: En los dos casos, se sabe que se trata de la aristidee argentina, porque nosotros dispusimos que se dijera en la puesta, pero las obras pueden verse sin ese referente. Los personajes conviven en la obra, pero sin verse. Puede ser tan monstruoso asesinar, o ser asesinado, como callar o no darte cuenta de lo que pasa alrededor.

La palabra exilio forma parte de su vocabulario habitual, y, sin embargo, considera que no se supera. His journeys take us through the whole of Latin America, both on tour providing workshops as well as settings for other groups in the region, however it was not always like this.


Malayerba, the theatre group that was made and created along with other actors in Ecuador, is considered one of the biggest names in Latin American theatre. Coincidentally, the two plays that Malayerba will present in London during the CASA festival refer to the period of time during the dictatorship in Argentina.

Theatre Review: La Razón Blindada

What was the reason for choosing these plays, at first as material for work and secondly for it to be bargas in Europe? In both cases, one understands that they are about the Argentinian dictatorship because we were ready to display this in the setting, but the plays can be watched without this reference. Does a real parallel exist between the plays and texts mentioned, above all Don Quixoteand the dramatic events?

The characters live together in the play without ever seeing each other. The question then is whether we are facing a claim of works about this subject in Latin America, and above all in Argentina, and why you personally believe that they are, and continue being, necessary?


La razón blindada Malayerba collection

I move away from all of that, the only thing that matters to me is the unforgettable pain it causes me. Both plays were extensively represented in Latin America, whether by Malayerba atistides by other companies and other directors with a positive response.

Clic para cancelar respuesta. El exilio es un castigo para siempre.

Instrucciones para abrazar al aire — Teatro Malayerba. Name required Email required Website. A la hora de la tundra Cuentos Postales.

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