Introduction to Stochastic Calculus Applied to Finance, Second Edition · Damien Lamberton,Bernard Lapeyre Limited preview – PDF | On Jan 1, , S. G. Kou and others published Introduction to stochastic calculus applied to finance, by Damien Lamberton and Bernard Lapeyre. Introduction to Stochastic Calculus Applied to Finance, Second Edition, Damien Lamberton, Bernard. Lapeyre, CRC Press, , , .

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Do Exercisespp. The second edition of this book provides a concise and accessible introduction to the probabilistic techniques needed to understand the most widely used financial models. The Fundamental Theorem of Asset-Pricing: Pricing and Hedging, single- and multi-period models, Binomial models.

European Options in Continuous-Time Models: Learn More about VitalSource Bookshelf.

Introduction to Stochastic Calculus Applied to Finance – CRC Press Book

This edition incorporates many new techniques and concepts lambdrton be used to describe the behavior of financial markets. Connections with partial differential equations. Introduction to Interest-Rate Models: The title will be removed from your cart because it is not available in this region. Review of Stochastic Calculus: The Samuelson-Merton-Black-Scholes model for a financial market.


Elementary theory for the optimal stopping problem in discrete-time: Read Chapter 1 from Lamberton-Lapeyre pp. Notion of stopping time.

Cross-variation of continuous martingales. Mathematical theory and probabilistic tools for the analysis of security markets.

Contingent claims, upper- and lower-hedging prices. Read Chapter 2 from Lamberton-Lapeyre pp. Continuous-time processes, Poisson process, Brownian motion as a limit of simple random Walks. Optimal stopping problem and American options. Bounds on option prices. Uniqueness of the equivalent martingale measure, completeness and the martingale representation property, characterization of attainable claims.

International Journal of Stochastic Analysis

Diffusion models for the short-rate process; calibration to the initial term-structure; Gaussian and Markov-Chain models. They succeed in producing a solid introduction to stochastic approaches used in the financial world.

Sufficient lwmberton for absence of Arbitrage. Do Exercises 6,pp. Explicit computa-tions in the logarithmic and power-cases. Caps, Floors, Swaps, Forward contracts.

The Bookshelf application offers access: The valuation of American Contingent claims, and its relation to optimal stopping. The BlackSi holes model.


The transform-representation property of martingales, on the filtration of the simple random walk. The book can be used as a reference text by researchers and graduate students in financial mathematics. Necessary and sufficient conditions. Explicit computations in the framework of the Hull-White model.

Introduction to Stochastic Calculus Applied to Finance

Account Options Sign in. Models for the term-structure of interest rates. Market dynamics, forward-rate models.