Demasiados Héroes was a strange piece, on one hand you had very skilled storytelling by Laura Restrepo in the way she portrays the clandestinity of the. Una novela sobre el conflicto generacional y la distancia entre madre e hijo con la dictadura argentina de fondo, de la mano de la ganadora. The novel ‘No place for heroes’ (Demasiados heroes) by the Colombian author, Laura Restrepo, resonated more with me since the story is.

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Using adolescence as a cheap excuse his personality tends to change for no reason, sometimes sacrificed just to keep the dynamic flow on his relationship with his mother going, sometimes instantly evolved to give the tale a reason to move on. Perhaps this book lost something in translation, or perhaps it just isn’t my style. But it was a nice attempt at interweaving three different stories and time periods.

Mother and son fight, but not with any profundity. Restrepo sets some boundaries for herself by this mechanism and does fairly well within them. Another one of my criticisms is that I didn’t care for the writing style.

Ideally, I’d rate it 2. Recomiendo bastante sus libros y aunque este no logro cautivarme es una joya mas de la literatura Colombiana.

Demaskados think a film would do great with such an excellent blend of love, passion, revolutionary spree narrating lives between two amazing countries, Argentina y Colombia. The description of this book said it was a dark comedy about a mother and son as they search for the missing “father” aka. Newer Post Older Post Home.


Demasiados héroes / To Many Heroes

I’m posting this for swap so that someone else can have it and possibly enjoy it. There she falls in love with an Argentine militant Ramon.

Want to Read saving…. Ramon knows Lorenza’s plan but lets her get away.

In it was the Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship. Yes, it held my interest demasiavos it jumped around too much and focused too much for me on this story with Mateo, her son, who I found to be an immature and pretty much annoying character.

Demasiados héroes / To Many Heroes by Laura Restrepo | : Books

The good stuff, the revolution stuff, is all TOLD thru conversations between mother and son. She had retsrepo lived there for four years as a member of the underground resistance, married an Argentine and had a son from him in Buenos Aires.

Jun 09, Bell rated it really liked it Shelves: I felt like I was restreop in the dark through the entire book. I would give somewhere between 2 and 3 stars.

Perhaps I’ll try that in the future. Thank you Goodreads and Doubleday! This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

No Place For Heroes

Jun 30, Tara Chevrestt rated it did not like it Shelves: I received this book directly from the marketing department at DoubleDay books through a GoodReads contest. Normally when I pick up a book and hate it by page 37, I don’t waste my day trying to finish it, but brand it a DNF and state why without giving a rating and then proceed to get on with my life and hopefully read a better book. The novel broadens, though, as the mother In this novel, a mother and son are demasiadoz to find an estranged father.


The flashbacks are wonderfully crafted, as the narrator reflects on past events with the occasional dialogue interruption dekasiados the two MCs in the present. Somehow, it managed just that. This book would have been my ideal if 1 There had been no “present” time, because I truly loved the historical time and the parallels the author drew between the relationships in the story and the struggles against the Argentinean dictatorship; and 2 I had read it in Spanish.

Also there are a couple of plot twists that were simply too “easy” and unbelievable for me.

No Place For Heroes by Laura Restrepo

I was given this book through the Goodreads First Reads program. While this novel won’t earn Restrepo a place among the great writers from South America, it shows her to be a compelling author whose resyrepo is worth watching.

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