Le Horla (). February 16, Some say that Maupassant was himself half insane at the time of its writing. He did have syphilis for some time prior and did. Le Horla. First published in This edition published by It is he, the Horla, who haunts me, and who makes me think of these foolish. Le Horla () (French Edition) [Guy De Maupassant] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This scarce antiquarian book is a facsimile reprint.

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I dream of one that should be as large as a hundred worlds, with wings whose shape, beauty, colors, and motion I cannot even express. The discussion page may contain suggestions. I have just been through some surprising ordeals. Having, therefore, read until one o’clock in the morning, I went and sat down at the open window, in order to cool my forehead and my thoughts in the calm night air.

It is rather preternatural and probably destined to rule our kind without care or feeling for us.

However, I went to bed, and this morning, at about half past eight, I was awakened by my footman, who said to me: The subjectivity of Maupassant can be felt by the reader, while delving into this semi- autobiography. She did not know. I have never read anything that resembles what goes on in my house.

Then I was seized with furious rage against myself, for it is not wholesome for a reasonable and serious man to have such hallucinations.

I have come back, quite cured, and have had a most delightful trip into the bargain. How Hoela should have 1878 such a night formerly! When we are alone for a long time we people space with phantoms.

I turned round suddenly, but I was alone. Certainly this is the way in which my poor cousin was possessed and swayed, when she came to borrow five thousand francs of me. I am ill, decidedly! Then I sprang up with a bound to look about me; then I sat down again, overcome by astonishment and fear, in front of the transparent crystal bottle! It exists for all that, however. I did not the least know.


Who will understand the emotion of a man sound in mind, wide-awake, full of sense, who looks in horror at the disappearance of a little water while he was asleep, through the glass of a water-bottle!

We are terribly horal the influence of our surroundings. You did not mention it to me yesterday. I sent for a blacksmith from Rouen and ordered iron shutters of him for my room, such as some private hotels in Paris have on the ground floor, for fear of thieves, and he is going to make me a gorla door as well.

In that case I was a somnambulist. They played with that weapon of their new Lord, the sway of a mysterious will over the human soul, which had become enslaved. As soon as I have got in I double lock, and bolt it: I should be able to hold him in my clutches and crush him against the ground! I had Him fast. Very well then; he ordered you to come to me this morning to borrow five thousand francs, and at this moment you are obeying that suggestion. They declare he is guiding and walking before a he-goat with a man’s face and a she-goat with a woman’s face, both with white hair, who talk incessantly, quarreling in a strange language, and then suddenly cease talking in order to bleat with all their might.

The birds awoke; a dog began to howl, and it seemed to me as if the day were breaking!

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I am frightened – of what? Why should we be the last? While such speculation is murky, it is clear that de Maupassant—hailed alongside Chekhov as father of the short story—was at the peak Our woe is upon us. Look here; there is the wind, which is the strongest force in nature, which knocks down men, and blows down buildings, uproots trees, raises the sea into mountains of water, destroys cliffs and casts great ships onto the breakers; the wind which kills, which whistles, which sighs, which roars,—have you ever seen it, and can you see it?

How kind you are.


Then I sprang borla with a bound to look about me, and then I sat down again, overcome by astonishment and fear, in front of the transparent crystal bottle! I managed to escape to-day for two hours, like a prisoner who finds the door of his dungeon accidentally open.

Le Horla () – Guy de Maupassant – Google Books

Is there a God? Sara Hammouzou I just started reading this book, so far I think that the horla is an allegory for mental illness, the writer states how humans invent or label things …more I just started reading this book, so far I think that the horla is an allegory for mental illness, the writer states how humans invent or label things they can’t explain, but later on he does the same with whatever is haunting him, he clearly suffers from depression feeling overwhelmed during what he describes as a nice day for no appearant reason and anxiety Today nothing happened but what will happen tomorrow and he compares the horla to whatever made his cousin come ask him for the money after her hypnosis less.

He whom disquieted priests exorcised, whom sorcerers evoked on dark nights, without seeing him appear, He to whom the imaginations of the transient masters of the world lent all the monstrous or graceful forms of gnomes, spirits, genii, fairies, and familiar spirits. Up till the present time I have been frightened of nothing. He wakes up from nightmares with the chilling feeling that someone is watching him and “kneeling on [his] chest.

It could surely only be I? I had not moved, and my sheets were not marked. I closed my eyes. Had not he, perhaps, kept lf glass hidden in his hand, which he showed to the young woman in her sleep at the same time as he did the card?