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One of my personal all-time classic town sets is this set, Public Works.

6383-1: Public Works Center

The set is an excellent gravel yard scene complete with a garage, two very nice construction vehicles, a gravel sifter, construction building, and working crane. One of the fun parts of the set is a crane that slides back and forth from the sifter to the quarry that has a working claw:. I was not aware that this 638 was only available in the U.

I’m not sure if Europe had a similar set with another set. If so, I was lsgo able to find one. In any case, I hope you enjoyed this review of a great classic town set. We never had this set in Europe welll in the UK at least! I also like the fact that you get two road plates with it. We had similar vehicles available separately though. Too small, no nice extras, just the few bricks 683 make it almost look like a car.

In my opinion teh whole set deserved to be bigger than what we see. I do not like stickers, but placing them across several bricks is a NO GO!

I never saw this set in Australia either It really is a lot of fun to restore these old sets. I’m glad I’ve done so, because I plan to leto the pieces separately now by set in case I ever want to build them again – perhaps lebo another years. I’m starting to see a trend here Holodoc.

The cars were simple, but we’re talking early 80s. Everything was more simpler then.

LEGO Town Public Works Center (6383)

I actually like the cars, even today. I agree with you in regard to the stickers. A few of the town sets in the 80s did this. It always made taking the pieces apart very difficult. I didn’t realize that this was a US set only. This is the kinda stuff you don’t know about as a kid. I never thought about that.

But then again, it is a construction site. Also a personal favorite of mine!

This set definitely falls into the “they don’t make ’em like they used to” category. Though some might say “thank goodness for that! Thank you again for this review. As mentioned indeed this set was not to be found in europe, although the vehicles where all released seperately. I own both of them. First of all, I liked from this time the addition of road-plates. I think it adds a lot of playability to the set as a stand-alone 683 it easily makes you a city by combining a few sets.


The office is not much, which is ashame, but still, the entire lay-out doesnt feel “empty” which is a very good thing. For me an excellent set to be combined with several others from its time with a very classic feeling. From the architecture it’s perfect – but the design and the additional stuff is a bit. But I really hope that TLG will release somthing like that in the near future! Brickster I can’t say it enough Thanks for the reviews and the trip down memory lane Lsgo loved ,ego set I still wish I had it I still have the box Not that it would help much.

I really liked the fact the Lego supplied the set with base plates and a “Playable set” right out of the box, I understand the economics of the whole thing but 683 plates would be a nice addition to the lsgo sets. I appreciate you saying that. It took a lot of work to find all 638 pieces; but well worth it, esp. I plan to bag the pieces and label them very well – I don’t have most of the boxes either at least for these early 80s sets.

That’s a very good point. As a kid, I had mixed 3683 about the inclusion of roadplates. I never thought they looked good as stand alone sets, and having those first initial sets with roadplates made me want to go out pego buy more to add to them.

I suppose that was a good marketing ploy by Lego either intentional or unintentional. In addition, Lego catalogues had great town pictures with pego. If I can come across some pictures, perhaps I’ll post. Well you bring up another one of my peeves about the newer sets were is the catalog, Heck I likes the catalog as much as the set itself I liked drooling over the space sets, New town sets images of a Lego town idea’s for creating your own town I thought I had commented this review long ago.

Too much of Brickster’s reviews.

Instructions for – Public Works Center |

Public Works Center certainly sounds quite nice to me. To me, this set seemed to be a construction site entrance, office and storage. It defintely offer lots of playabiliy. With this set up, it can easily leego into any Classic Town with that lovely road baseplates that has Lot 1 and 2 printed in front of it.

The construction vehicles is pretty neat as well. As for the dump truck, the front section looks a little bare but the back and intersection looks awesome. The interior office has simple furniture for the admins or foreman to do their work in the cool air conditioner, avoiding the scorching sun.

Outside seemed to be the reporting area for the workers to clock their cards. Garage seemed to be an uncommon sight these days, especially with its shutter.

In fact, I am pretty fond of these shutters as it provide a much realistic touch in it. The best playing features in this set is defintely the crane and the sifter. You could use the crane to lift some bricks from the ground and transport it to other point such as the sifter.


The sifter will process the bricks and drop into the dump truck, ready for land transportation. Despite of the set’s age, it has actually showed how much fun you could have by playing it with different possible combinations. No doubt about it, I am going to give it a “5”. Thanks Brickster for this review. Although in some of the more recent City sets Fire Station, Police Station, and Town Planwe have seen the return of the roll-down garage door.

I think they really bring back a nice quality of “Classic Town”. The rebuild was a little bit painful due to tiny instructions scans of this set. I had them from peeron. This set was one of my favorites when I was a kid Mostly this has been going very well; however, I discovered that my copy of.

I found your review while looking for an online version of the instructions. Unfortunately, the best I have been able to come up. These work well in general but it’s not possible to clearly tell which blocks are used i. I’ve also found a part listing which appears on multiple web sites but.

Would it be possible for you to post a copy of the instructions here? Or to email one to me?

Even just taking pictures of oego steps at. Thank you for this review. I am a succer for these old sets. It’s may be my age, but these sets have a charme i can’t resist. The new sets are great, but the lack something. If i look at all the police and fire department sets being produced, they all look the same to me, just pego slight changes are made.

I know levo of you won’t agree with me, but in my opinion there are just to much large parts, so you can build even the biggest sets in less than no time. The playability of these new sets are great, but they the lack charme of the old sets.

You could enlarge them a bit. I think I can recognize all of the bricks that are used. But maybe I am wrong. It is when small pieces are added e.

My concerns are, first, if I set aside the wrong pieces for this set it may lead to missing pieces. Am I over-thinking this? Peeron also has set inventories. The same goes for Bricklink. I’d be glad to share some scans of the instructions but I don’t own a working scanner and this set is now burried in boxes somewhere in my garage.