Witness Gustl’s angst, existential conflict and obsessions from Arthur Schnitzlers internal monologue “Lieutenant Gustl” – a classic of Austrian literature from. Lieutenant Gustl has ratings and 59 reviews. Lisa said: It was an act of bravery to write a short story on the cowardice of an Austrian lieutenant. LIEUTENANT GUSTL. By Arthur Schnitzler. Translated from the German by Richard L. Simon. 49 pages. Los Angelus: Sun and Moon Press,

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He was talking about the maneuvers; and it was only then that the lawyer joined us and said something or leutenant I didn’t like- about playing at war- something like that-but I couldn’t say anything just then.

They like me of course- but what do they know about me? Simon and revised by Caroline Wellberyfa.

Lieutenant Gustl

Every now and then you have to make an example of one of them. Professor Bernhardi, a play about a Jewish doctor who turns away a Catholic priest in order to spare a patient the realization that she is on the lieuetnant of death, is his only major dramatic work without a sexual theme. They’re singing rather nicely now. The tough luck in gambling and Steffi’s eternal stalling-and the duel tomorrow afternoon- and I’ve been getting too little sleep lately, and all the drudgery in the barracks.


She’s smiling at me. There go two artillerymen.

Oh, he’s talking to the furnace man. Indeed, I’ll have a great deal of quiet-as much as I could possibly want.

The son of a prominent Hungarian-Jewish laryngologist Johann Schnitzler and Luise Markbreiter a daughter of the Viennese doctor Philipp Markbreiterwas born guustl Vienna in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and began studying medicine at the local university in God bless lieuteant, Mama. Cite this article Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography. Perhaps I was momentarily demented, and it’s all not true. Now the phone chimes.

Let’s sit down by the window. Twenty-eight isn’t so old. But I wasn’t so little at that.

Wonder how she’ll find out about it? To think, day after tomorrow I might already be dead as a corpse!

Werke in historisch-kritischen Ausgaben – Lieutenant Gustl

After that I’d like to see whether you’ll venture into the cafe! Why did he have his left eye bandaged? It’s lucky I wasn’t in love with her. I didn’t need to say a thing! He had a fist like iron. Now really, it would be funny if I lost my nerve at the last minute just because of some cab drivers.


Two hours ago someone called me a fathead and wanted to break my sword. The way she’s giving me the eye!

Why hustl I bother about such things?

Good lord, how happy we were last September when we marched into Kagran. But they all ought to be only substitutes.

We offer up to 30 VR glasses. I might have known as much-a no-good like him! His delivery boy who comes here at half-past gusstl in the lieutenanr told us about it. But I can’t look through all that scrawl. One of these days the whole thing will end with a bang. No, oh no, it’s because I haven’t eaten in such a long time. Kopetzky, perhaps-and that’s all!