Makiwara Training plus articles and information on Martial-Arts. “Makiwara training was originated in Okinawa and is part of their culture. It is an essential part of old style Okinawa Karate. Very few do this type. This makiwara stands in the garden of the main dojo I practice in. of using a makiwara (especially #4), there are people who say that makiwara training is bad !.

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Conveniently, the constant pressure of the makiwara is also like weight lifting for your strikes. In the course of this search I forced myself to change the way I made the fist and ended transforming it completely. The flat traininv version is only struck from the front while the thick pole can be attacked from all sides.

That brings us to what a makiwara actually is. Is it Safe to Use a Makiwara? My conclusion was as follows: This job has given him a unique opportunity to appreciate violence in a myriad of forms. While HIV can only survive for a few seconds outside the body certain contagions such as hepatitis can even be transmitted via dried blood. These punches create instantaneous explosive force, delivering hydrostatic shock deep within the body that disrupts and devastates an adversary.

Makiwara training is more destructive than useful

You get kinesthetic, visual, and auditory feedback. Very few do this type of training today. For those of you who practice Korean martial arts the terminology used there is dallyon joo, which translates as “forging post.


Lawrence Kane is the author of Martial Arts Instruction: D Drum thread Pavel Tsatsouline: A properly designed tachi-makiwara should be roughly shoulder height as you take a fighting stance e. Nakazato Shugoro Shorinkan founder punching his makiwara—note the flex of the makiwara. This is a good one:. If you’d rather have your makiwara indoors you fraining build a wooden bracket or purchase a metal one to mount your makiwara post to the dojo floor.

Your weight should be sufficient to keep the stand from moving around while you use the makiwara. The Makiwara experience cannot be explained. This article discusses makwiara aspects of Markiwara Training.

Makiwara training can be dangerous if undertaken incorrectly. Parting Thoughts A common nickname for a makiwara is the “board of wisdom. Be sure to practice techniques from static stances as well as when moving toward and away from the makiwara from various angles. I was thinking it was passe.

If you are unlucky, on the other hand, your adversary may not stop once he or she has beaten you down, continuing to attack until you are in a coma or worse. No matter what the circumstance, I never missed a single day of training with it.

The defensive movement not only finished the fight but also trainibg the practitioner out of jail. It is sort of like a sneeze, a sudden unexpected movement. Short of trying out your martial prowess in a street brawl there are several ways to find out. In ten seconds I came up with about every Martial art that exists.


For many years I thought of the makiwara as my lifelong companion.

Makiwara training is more destructive than useful

Contrary to popular misconception, the main purpose of makiwara training is not to break down your hands and re-build them into lethal club-like weapons via micro-fractures in the knuckles. Also, with makiwara, one will get accustomed to the neurological feedback of hitting a target that more closely resembles a hard human skull–in terms of feedback–than even a heavy bag can offer. Deep inside I thought that my blows were not as those of other people and I continued to search for different ways to hit confronting a series of difficulties.

Regardless of what wood you select, the board should be as knot-free as you can find with the grain running straight up and down to the extent possible. Keep your elbow close to the body, aligning the knuckles and wrist. The bruises lasted over a month. What you do in training will heavily influence what you will do on the street.