Editorial Reviews. Review. `It was not only the ripping-yarn action of the stories and the Kindle Store; ›; Kindle eBooks; ›; Crafts, Hobbies & Home. This title is. The presence of a man-eating tiger in the Indian province of Naini Tal spread fear and panic throughout the impoverished rural community. This tigress had. Corbett’s description of his campaign against the man-eaters of the Kumaon Hills shows the qualities that a successful shikari needs, physical strength, infinite.

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My prompt action in pointing the rifle upwards had possibly saved my life, and in stopping her spring, or in turning iumaon get away, the tigress had dislodged the earth from the top of the bank. I did not want a pup, and it was quite by accident that I happened to be with a friend when the litter of seven was decanted from a very filthy basket for her inspection.

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Our reactions to the sudden and quite unexpected danger that had confronted us were typical of how a canine and a human being act in an emergency, when the danger that threa- tens is heard, and not seen. By evening the crop from five large fields had been gathered, leaving only two small patches close to the houses, which the Headman said he would have no difficulty in dealing with the next day.

The sanitary condition of the village had been much im- proved, and a second room for my exclusive use placed at my disposal; and that night, with thorn bushes securely wedged in the doorway to admit ventilation and exclude the man-eater, I made up for the sleep I had lost the previous night. The reader will find in these stories many proofs of the author’s love of nature.

The man who had come for me was one of those exasperating individuals whose legs and tongue cannot function at the same time. Would you like us to take another look at this review?

Chowgarh tiger had done most damage I promised to go in pursuit of it first. The Champawat Man-eater 25 The ledge by which the wounded animal had gained the projecting rock was fortunately on the opposite side from the beaters, and was just wide enough to permit my shuffling along it sideways. After an early tea that morning I announced that I wanted meat for my men and asked the villagers if they could direct me to where I could shoot a ghooral mountain goat.


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This side of the ravine was less steep than the side down which the kill kumzon been taken, and was deep in young bracken ideal ground for stalking over.

As the man drew nearer I saw he was alternately running and walking, and was quite evidently the bearer of important news. You’ve successfully reported this review. Progress under these conditions was of The Chnmpawat Man-eater 19 necessity slow, and the tigress was taking advantage of it tci continue her meal. Footpaths, beaten hard by bare feet, connect the villages. My reasons for making these conditions need no explanation for I am sure all sportsmen share my aversion to being classed as a reward- hunter and are as anxious as I am to avoid the risk of being accidentally shot.

I was still a hundred and fifty yards from the gorge, and that I did not break my neck a dozen times in khmaon this distance was due to my having been brought up on the hills, and being in consequence as sure-footed as a goat.

Two saplings were now cut and laid one on either side of the tigress, and with pugrees, waistbands and loincloths she was carefully and very securely lashed to them.

I had an unhurried shot with an accurate rifle at his right shoulder, at the short range of fifteen yards.

When the pug marks can be seen, I do the tracking, and when the animal we are after takes to the jungle, Robin does the tracking. Rewards were offered, special shikaris employed, and parties of Gurkhas sent out from the depot in Almora. One was eating at the hind quarters of the cow, while the other eatsrs lying near by licking its paws.

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Following the blood trail from where it left the ravine we found the place in the bushes where the tigress had eaten her eblok. Sneezing eboom alarm call, the two animals dashed out of the grass and went bounding up the hill. Had the ropes broken at any stage of that thousand-foot climb, the casualties would eboook been appalling, but the rope did not break.

This was her four hundred and thirty-sixth human kill and she kukaon qulfe’ accustomed to being disturbed at her meals by rescue parties, but this, I think, was the first time she had been followed up so persistently and she now began to show her resentment by growling.

When’ it was half-way down it disappeared into heavy grass, eboook disturbed two ghooral that had been lying up there. Pointing to some scattered oak trees on a gentle slope a furlong or so from the village, he said a dozen people were collecting dry sticks under the trees when a tiger suddenly appeared and caught one of their number, a girl sixteen or 16 Man-eaters of Kumaon seventeen years of age.


It landed in the thorn bushes and Robin dashed in after it. The track of the tigress was ebook visible. Owing to these characteristics of the two animals, namely, that one loses its fear of human beings and kills in the daylight, while the other retains its fear and kills in the dark, man-eating tigers are easier to shoot than man-eating leopards. There is nothing more disappointing, for a gun dog than to be teft at home when his master goes out, and as bird-shooting was now taboo for Robin, I started taking him with me when I went out after big game.

Next second, with a cry of ‘ Ware man ‘, they dashed away at top speed.

This road, running right to the end of the ridge through dense forest was very little used, and, examining it for tracks as I went along, I arrived at the point where the path took off at about 2 p.

The owner of this holding had built himself a hut on the hillside just above the road. Item s unavailable for purchase. From this spot the track led up and round the shoulder of the hill. When it was considered that the ropes were long and strong enough to stand the strain, they attached themselves to the saplings, and with men on either side to hold the feet of the bearers and give them foothold, the procession moved up the hill, looking for all the world like an army of ants carrying a beetle up the face of a wall.

How to write a great review. I was debating whether it would be better to retrace our steps and work down below the calling deer and try to get a shot from behind them, or move them from our vicinity by giving the call of a leopard, when one of the hinds turned her head and looked straight into my face. She flinched at this second shot but continued, with her ears laid flat and bared teeth, to stand her ground, while I sat with rifle to shoulder trying to think what it would be best for me to do when she charged, for the rifle was empty and I had no more cartridges.